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What are Jeggings?

Aastha Dogra Apr 14, 2019
Jeggings are leggings that resemble tight denim jeans. Learn more about these stylish pants and what complements them the most.
Touted as the biggest fashion creation of the 21st century, jeggings are a hot favorite of celebrities and commoners, alike. They are all over the place! Pick up any celebrity magazine and you are sure to spot some of your favorite stars revealing their sexy selves in this latest fashion trendsetter.
As the name suggests, jeggings are a combination of leggings and jeans. They are made from the same material as leggings, but are fashioned to look like denim jeans. So, by wearing them, you get the comfort of leggings without compromising on your overall appearance. They look as stylish as denim jeans.
Women who are on the curvy side usually avoid wearing hip-hugging pants, as they can make them look curvier. But now, they no longer have to kill their desire to wear such pants, as this piece of attire fits snugly, making the curviest of women look hot and happening.
Before moving on to tell you about the various looks that you can create with jeggings, we want to point out one drawback of wearing jeggings. Although it is comfortable to wear, it can make you feel quite warm in the summer, as the material it is made of has more lycra and spandex, than regular jeans. So, avoid wearing them when the weather is very warm.

What to Wear with Jeggings

If you have decided to add this unique piece of clothing to your wardrobe, our advice to you is not to go for designer labels initially. You never know whether this fashion trend will last long or not.
So stick to buying one from a thrift store and in neutral colors such as black, blue, or brown. There are different kind of looks that you can create with a pair of jeggings, by teaming it with different types of tops, bags, footwear, and fashion accessories.

The Cool Look

If you want to sport a cool, casual look, wear it with a loose, long top. Wear a beaded necklace, flat sandals, and carry a large cloth bag. You can wear this look while going to college or on your next trip to the market.

The Hot Look

If you are blessed with a good figure, wear your jeggings with high-heeled stilettos, a leather purse and a short, sleeveless top tucked in. If you are on the heavier side, wear an empire-waistline top that will create an illusion of a thin waist.

The Trendy Look

If you want to go by summer fashion trends, pair your jeggings with knee-high boots.
Wear a long body-hugging T-shirt that falls midway past your thighs. On top of this T-shirt, wear a short, full-sleeved, loose top. This layered look along with the knee-high boots will definitely make many heads turn in your direction.

The Sporty Look

For those of you who want a casual, sporty look, pairing jeggings with sneakers and a loose, long T-shirt or a cute sweatshirt, is a good idea. Of course, you can always enhance this look by wearing trendy sneakers in unique colors and T-shirts with unusual quotes.