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Stunning Ways to Wear a Scarf

Mamta Mule Oct 17, 2018
Popular as a head-wear, a scarf is an ultimate fashion accessory, which you can choose to grace up your attire. If you want to have a modish look with a simple outfit, just get a matching scarf. Here are a few ways of wearing a scarf, which will definitely help you look voguish.
Scarf is one of the most popularly used head-wear. Utilized for protection from sun-rays and pollution, they can be of much more use in terms of fashion.
While wearing a scarf on your head is mostly for protection, wearing it around your neck or on the dresses is a way to give a fancy touch to your attire, small and easy to use.
Scarf works better than any other accessory to enhance your clothing. It gives you a unique and stylish look, that others would love to try out.

Lovely Headband

Take a scarf, preferably soft, silky. Pick one matching your outfit, and roll it lengthwise to form a long tube of fabric. Your headband is ready to be tied up. Place it at the desired distance from hairline and tie it at the nape.
You can tie it at center of the nape, below your hair or towards the backside of one of your ears, if you want the knot to be visible. The long flowing tails will complement your outfit and give you a fashionable look.
You can experiment by tying small or big knots. You can also wrap the scarf over a ready-made headband first, and then wear it. This will ensure that it doesn't slip, and you can easily remove it and wear it back. This is a classic hair accessory that graces your outfit as well.

Pony Wrap

Take a matching scarf and roll it to form a tube. Tie a low ponytail and just tie the scarf around the ponytail base, so that the knots are on the upper-side of the pony, and its ends flowing on either side.
Another way is to further interlace the scarf tails in a braid. So, hold each tail with outer sections of the braid and go on braiding as usual. Tie a knot 3 inches above the ends. This will look great on long hair.

Ascot Wrap

Decide the outfit and take a contrast-colored scarf. You can also opt for the scarf of one of the prominent colors in the outfit. Fold the scarf diagonally. Now, drape it around your neck, the ends will hang on the backside. Let the corners cross each other at the back of your neck, and again, bring them on the front side
Pull them to tighten the wrap, keeping it comfortable at the same time. Now, tie a simple knot or a bow in front at the center. Put the free ends inside your outfit. You can also skip the knot and instead, tie it at the backside where the ends cross. The front part of your scarf will remain plain with a few wrinkles.

Fashionable Knot

Take a long scarf, and roll it length wise. Make sure it matches the outfit perfectly. Just put it around your neck, from backside, so that both the ends are on front side. Make both the ends equal, and just tie a knot at front center of your neck. This looks best with wide and deep neck-lines.
You can have many variations in this style. Another way is to tie a knot at one side of your neck, and let one end hang on front side and other on the backside. This looks cool with strappy tops.
Another way is to tie it around the waist band of your skirt or jeans as a funky belt. You can also fold it diagonally and tie a simple knot at one side of your waist. This is commonly used to grace up slacks.

Stylish Wraps

Just fold a scarf length-wise to make a tube. Wrap it around your neck so that the ends hang in front. Now, pull the right end to make it longer than the left one, and put it on your back from left shoulder. You can tighten it around your neck or let it hang loosely.
Now, one end hangs in front and other on the backside. This looks perfect on tube tops. Another style of wrapping a scarf is to fold it length-wise to form a long tube. Then, drape it around the neck so that ends hang free on your back. Cross the ends and bring them in front. Pull to make them fit tight around the neck.
While each way of draping a scarf is cool, a perfect scarf with right colors and fabric is what will make it a classic accessory. A wrong choice of scarf can ruin your look. So, make sure you opt for the right one to match your apparel.
Also, keep trying newer styles in order to create innovative patterns and adorn the overall look of your attire. After all, you definitely need to take a little efforts to don that killer look!