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5 Ways to Style a One-shoulder Dress - Take Fashion to the Max

Ways to Style a One-shoulder Dress
Unsure of how to style your not-so-usual-one-shoulder-flaunting dress? We understand. Asymmetrical necklines can often be a challenge to style. But with Fashionhance's guide on how you can wear the dress, you should have absolutely no worries.
Tulika Nair
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
Choose with Care
When choosing a necklace to wear with your dress, ensure that you pick one which is finished smoothly and does not have a prong setting. Otherwise, chances are that your dress will get caught in the prongs and get ruined. You don't want that little worry ruining your day now, do you?
One-shoulder dresses have been quite the rage in recent times. From showing up at formal black-tie events to weddings to proms, they are also making appearances at Sunday brunches and music concerts in a more fun style. But whether you are wearing a one-shoulder dress to a formal event or donning it for a casual get-together, the fact remains that this dress is one of the more difficult ones to accessorize.

Why, you ask? Well, the style of this dress is such that the neckline is at a higher level at the side of the dress which has a sleeve. This makes it asymmetrical, and therefore, wearing the wrong accessory can ruin the effect of the dress. For a true fashionista, that is a challenge that simply must be overcome. But how? Well, we have 5 simple, yet fabulous solutions to your problem.
Wear it with a choker
One-shoulder dress with choker
For a while now, it has been considered a taboo to wear a necklace with a one-shoulder dress, but think back to 2010, when Sarah Jessica Parker broke the rule by wearing a choker with a Valentino one-shoulder-styled dress in the June issue of Marie Claire. Not only did she look stunning, she showed us how some rules are really meant to be broken. Now the choker, since it lies close to the neck, causes no obstacle in the lines of a one-shoulder dress. If you have a slender neck, then this necklace will bring attention to your face. And that's always a good thing, isn't it?
Wear it with a delicate pendant
One-shoulder dress with delicate pendant
Most stylists will insist that this is a completely wrong choice to make. The pendant lies against the fabric of the dress and will be hidden by the slanted neckline of the dress. There is also the fear that the necklace will fall under the dress. But we think that a gorgeous, matching pendant on a short chain can actually be a great look for when you want to keep accessorizing to a minimum. When on a short chain, it is close to the base of the neck, thus steering clear of the neckline of the dress and becoming just the thing you need for a simple, yet attractive look. This is a gorgeous option for someone who has a long neck.
Wear it with long earrings
One-shoulder dress with long earrings
Most women would instantly gravitate towards a pair of long, dangling earrings when presented with the option of wearing a one-shoulder dress. And why not? Regardless of whether you are leaving your hair open or tying it up in a stylish updo, danglers bring the right amount of glamor to your outfit. Also, danglers tend to draw attention to your face, and take away from the asymmetrical neckline which can be distracting sometimes. Opt for a pair of wide danglers as they suit almost any face type.
Wear it with studs
One-shoulder dress with stud earrings
Are you someone who wants to let their dress do all the talking for the night? Then the best way to style your one-shoulder dress would be to accessorize it with studs. Now, you could opt to wear so-tiny-they-get-hidden-in-your-hair studs, but we suggest something bolder and bigger; the type that will get people talking when they see them (only at close quarters). This way you aren't making too big a statement and at the same time, you are accessorizing the way the dress demands it be. It's truly the best of both worlds.
Wear it with a bracelet
One-shoulder dress with studded bracelet
We, at Buzzle, believe that this may just be the classiest and most gorgeous way of accessorizing your one-shoulder dress. It leaves your shoulders and neck bare and it leaves your arms bare for the most part. But it still adds the glimmer and shine that you definitely need in there. From a stack of bangles to a thick bracelet to an arm cuff, you have several options to adorn your arm, but we believe that a thick, bold, diamond-studded bracelet may be just what you need for your bare arms.

Know what accessories you can wear with a one-shoulder dress, but still unsure of how it would look? Do you need some more inspiration where the looks and styles go. Well, don't we have a treat for you. Here are some more outfit-accessories combination that will help you envision better how this dress can look.
Green one-shoulder dress with choker
Chokers make every dress instantly elegant.
Pink one-shoulder dress with delicate pendant
A pretty pendant makes everything better.
Violet one-shoulder dress with bracelet
Embellishment on the dress? Opt for minimal accessories.
Some stylists believe that a Y-necklace or a Lariat are great accessories to wear with a one-shoulder dress but somehow, these aren't styles we are particularly fond of. These necklaces leave you wanting for more and tend to either get hidden in the folds of the fabric of the dress, or end at that weird length near the chest which does not look flattering at all.
Once you have the basic jewelry (read: statement-making accessory) sorted out, you can easily pick out a pair of complementary shoes and bag. Step out in style when you wear your one-shoulder dress. Picking out the accessories is the toughest part, and once you are sorted there, nothing can stop you from looking drop-dead gorgeous.
Black Necklace
Black Necklace With Beads
Necklace With Stone
Blue Gemstone And Diamond Earrings
Diamond Earrings
Pair Of Diamond Earrings
Aquamarine Necklace
Earrings With Sapphire And Aquamarine
Earrings With Ruby
Gold Necklace With Blue Rhinestones
Nine Strand Twist Pearl Necklace
Gold Bracelet
Diamond Bracelet
Blue Gemstone Bracelet
Blue Bracelet
Necklace With Blue Stones
Silver Earrings With Pink And White Stones
Silver Statement Necklace
Pair Of Earrings
Silver Pendant
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