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Ways to Dress Thinner and Avoid Looking Fat

Dressing well not just means dressing in good quality clothing but it also refers to the idea of dressing that makes you look perfect. And if you happen to be on the bulkier side, here are a few dressing tricks to make you look slender.
Fashionhance Staff
Having a perfectly shaped body is a blessing. You find quite a lot of people in a really good shape and an equal number of people struggling to get thinner. While one blows off energy on the treadmill, it is to be remembered that shedding weight may take some time. So why not look out for some alternate solution to make you look slender for the time being. However, I must warn you that creating such a wardrobe needs a lot of imagination on your part. You need to be really patient and careful when planning your shopping. Additionally, I must ask you to trust and consult a loyal friend, the 'mirror', each time you wear new clothing that would help you to look slender. Here are some magical tricks to make you look thinner in a jiffy!
Easy Tricks to Look Slimmer
Fitted Clothes
It is essential to choose clothing that is well-fitting on your body. A tight-fitting dress tends to reveal all the flab on your body while a loose baggy dress or pant will make you look like a over-filled sack. Dress smart and if possible get your clothes suitably altered for that perfect fit.
Flattering Colors
It is wise to wear clothing in colors that trick others to believe that you are thin. One good idea is to wear clothes in dark shades only. Some of best colors to be worn are black and dark blue. All light and bright colors can make you look broad and curvy. Similarly, if the garments that you wish to wear are in two piece, then try to wear both the pieces in same color. This creates a feeling of continuity in the viewer's mind, thus making you look 10 pounds lighter.
Best Materials
It is suggested that you avoid using any flimsy materials like stretchable cotton or gabardine that make you look bulky. Similarly, fabrics like satin tend to highlight the bulge on your body. Wear a dress made out of thin cotton, linen or cotton-silk combination for best results.
Avoid clothing with large designs. Designs such as big polka dots or big floral prints are a big 'NO' if you wish to look slender. Choose small overlapping designs that create an illusionary reduction in body's width.
It is a great idea to avoid any kind of horizontal pattern on the clothing. Preferably, go in for dressing patterns with closely set vertical stripes, seams, piping. When choosing the neck design go in for a design like the V-neck that makes you look tall and proportionate. Basically, go in for open-ended roundish collar or a collar that reveals your neck. This creates an illusion of height and slenderness.
Body Shape Dressing
There are specific dressing styles meant for different types of body shapes. You may have an apple-shaped body or a pear-shaped body. Point is to dress well to hide the unwanted curves.
Proportionate Dressing
For all those who have a round and broad lower half, use clothing that makes the upper body look broader. e.g. Boat necks or broad sleeves. For women having an extra-large bust line, wearing plain tops is the best option.
Hiding and Emphasizing
If you have a broad waist, then play with the other's minds by using clothes that have attractive colors and patterns. This helps to shift the viewer's gaze to the attractive part of the clothing. At the same time, avoid wearing sleeveless and short clothing. These are likely to show the shape and size of your arms and thighs. Instead opt for ¾th size or full sleeved top and full length pants or skirts. Do not wear mini skirts or thigh length skirts. Instead, wear skirts that touch ankles or knees which give less visibility of your feet.
You have plenty of chance to play with colors and designs of attractive jewelry, scarves, stoles and shoes. Wear accessories that will automatically shift the view's gaze away from your round waist. You may also use colored and attractive shoulder bags, purses, matching shoes and hair accessories to do the trick.
Shape Wear
It is a great idea to invest some amount in buying a set of shape wear. These should ideally be worn below your actual clothing. Their tight elasticity helps to controls all the bulges in the wrong places of your body from showing themselves. The shape wear material has been especially designed to give the user all day long comfort.
So yes, you can create visual illusions to look slim! However, it is always ideal to think from long-term point of view and choose for a healthy lifestyle. Hit the gym and follow a healthy diet plan. And before you know it, you will actually get into a great shape. After all, there is nothing like flaunting your flattering figure.