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6 Stylishly Ravishing Ways to Accessorize a Metallic Dress

6 Ways to Accessorize a Metallic Dress
Metallic dresses are back on the fashion scene. Are you wary of going for one coz you don't know what to wear with it? Fret not, accessorizing a metallic dress is actually very easy. All you need is confidence to rock it!
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Last Updated: Mar 1, 2018
Less is more
Earrings Steal the Show!
If your dress is already very flashy, too many accessories will make you look like Christmas lighting! Avoid too much bling, and let your metallic dress enjoy undivided attention! Statement earrings, a necklace, or a bracelet will be more than enough for a classy look.
How to Accessorize a Metallic Dress
metallic dress gold with gold
Gold Goddess
Which color will match the ultra glamor of your gold metallic dress? Of course gold! Pair gold with gold for an enchanting look. You can play with different shades of gold for added appeal.
metallic dress gold with silver
Clash of Metals
It's time to bend old boring rules and go for a daring look. Mix metals for an unconventional combination. The key to rock this look is opting for matte silver accessories.
metallic dress silver and silver
Shimmering Silver
Shimmer with an all-silver look, coz it's never gonna go out of style. You don't have to think too much about what to wear when you're armed with a gorgeous silver dress. Sterling silver or even oxidized silver accessories will look amazing.
metallic dress silver with black
Black Sheen
Black looks good with anything, and so does silver; it's no wonder that this pairing looks absolutely stunning! Black balances out bright-silver to create a more subtle, yet dazzling look. The more courageous souls can experiment with various colors for a more funky look.
metallic dress bronze with bronze
Bronze Bonanza
Be an enchanting Greek goddess by pairing a bronze metallic dress with bronze accessories. This combination gives a very dreamy look, and has a rustic appeal as well. Accessories which are one or two shades lighter or darker than the dress will complement it better.
metallic dress bronze with champagne
Bronze Intoxication
Champagne beautifully balances out the glamor of a metallic color with lots of sophistication. If you don't prefer too much bling, this combination will work wonders for you.
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