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6 Stylish Ways Women Can Wear a Military-inspired Jacket

6 Ways for Women to Wear a Military-inspired Jacket
Hear Uncle Sam calling out to you? Maybe it's time to splurge on a military-style jacket and create a whole new semi-rugged, yet classy look. Don't know how? Well, here are 6 brilliant ways in which you can wear military-inspired outerwear without looking like a soldier.
Tulika Nair
Last Updated: Jul 21, 2017
Attention! Salute the Style Commander.
If you aren't sure how you should wear a military-inspired jacket, just do a quick search on Alexa Chung in military jacket. Taking for granted that Ms. Chung will probably do any outfit well (she is the darling of the fashion world for a reason), she wears military jackets with added panache.
How does something that is traditionally associated with and worn by the armed forces of the country become a fashion must-have? It is a question that has no answers other than the fact that style has no boundaries where inspiration is concerned. A color, a cut, a person, anything and anyone can be a muse. So, when style mavens across the country start hankering after military-inspired clothing, and wear it with style, you know it is time to write a how-to-wear guide for those who though stylistically inclined, need a little bit more of an inspiration to rock the trend.

For all those women out there who think the slightly tom-boyish, military jacket will seem out of place in your wardrobe, here are 6 ideas that will change your mind and have you rushing to find your new favorite piece of attire.
Wear it with trousers
Military jacket with black jodhpurs
This is probably the go-to option for most people. But instead of wearing your jacket with a pair of cuffed pants, a T-shirt, and high heels, opt to wear a pair of satin jodhpurs, a slinky top in a similar fabric, and a pair of military-style, tie-up ankle booties. Wear multiple chains and necklaces in different lengths for an added edge.
Wear it with denims
Military jacket with denims
Now, this is a more casual look as compared to the earlier outfit. Wear a looser version of a military jacket with a full-sleeved, loose blouse that is semi-tucked into a pair of ripped jeans. Wear this with a pair of heeled oxfords. To make the entire look a little less boxy and boyish, tie a belt over the jacket to cinch it at the waist. Remember to leave the jacket open.
Wear it with a pencil skirt
Military jacket with pencil skirt
Did you ever think that the army-influenced jacket could be worn to work? Well, if you do it correctly you can. Wear your skirt with a turtleneck, and pull the look together with a military jacket which is buttoned up. Class up the look with a pair of pumps in a matching hue and a simple clutch in the same color.
Wear it with a full skirt
Military jacket with blue skirt
The full skirt is all the rage this season and if you want to wear both trends together, then this is the look you want to ape. Wear a full, printed skirt in a bright color with a matching top and heels. Wear your jacket on top, but leave it unbuttoned for a casual look. Accessorize with studs and a punk watch.
Wear it with a dress
Military jacket with green dress
A military jacket with a dress you said? Yes, you heard that right. It's that path-breaking blend of rugged, yet elegant, and it's a look that marries tomboy with girlie. Just remember that this is a look that needs some attitude, and a pair of boots and accessories to match. Just wear a loose jacket to enhance the I-don't-care-what-the-world-thinks look.
Wear it with sequins
Military jacket with sequined top
Take your latest acquisition partying. It makes for the perfect eye candy. A pair of high-waisted shorts, a sequined top, a pair of matching, sky-high heels, and you're set to paint the town a shade of red (or olive green in this case). Opt for a fitted jacket for a more diva-esque look when you're out partying at night.
Making the army-inspired jacket ladylike is not an easy thing to do, and wearing the same without it seeming like you are dowdy is quite the challenge. Experiment a little, and you are sure to get it right.