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Women's Guide to Wardrobe Essentials: 10 Must-haves

Tulika Nair Apr 23, 2019
On a day when you cannot decide what to wear, choosing an outfit from amongst the wardrobe essentials can be your solution. Here, we tell you what clothes should be a must in your wardrobe.
Let us accept the undeniable truth. Not all of us are born with the ability to wear a rag and still look like a million bucks in it. There are some amongst us who can carry off even the ugliest of apparels but one cannot compare ourselves to these fashion gods and goddesses.
It is after all, a very unfair comparison. It is for mere mortals like ourselves that fashion stylists exist. People who can tell us what we can wear and what we should avoid like the plague.
While these clothes will change from person to person, depending on what their style quotient and body type is, there are some wardrobe essentials for ladies that are a must in every woman's wardrobe. Without these wardrobe essentials you will find it very difficult to make the cut in a fashionable world.

10 Wardrobe Must-haves for Women

Ask any stylist what clothes need to have space in every woman's wardrobe and she will list out ten basic wardrobe essentials. These items of women's clothing allow you the freedom to look your best without trying too hard. Most of us own these essentials but just not in the right fit or the right cut.

White Shirt

Androgynous fashion may have become the latest trendsetter in the recent past, but a white shirt has been a basic that every woman needs to possess for the longest time. Look for a basic white shirt in a classic cut.
Ensure that your shirt is not cut like a man's shirt. A well cut white shirt will follow your curves and enhance your best features. You will need to understand which shirt works the best for your body type. This is one of the wardrobe must-haves that you need to possess.

Blue Denims

Okay, who does not own a pair of blue denims? Almost everyone has in their wardrobe that one pair of denims that is their favorite; the pair of denims that they turn to when they want to be comfortable.
As an integral part of a woman's wardrobe, it is important that you choose the best jeans for women. Choose a pair of denims that suits you. While it is easy to be swayed by fashion trends, stick to a cut that flatters your body type.


Since Coco Chanel first introduced the concept of the Little Black Dress or the LBD, it has probably been one of the most desirable amongst the wardrobe essentials for ladies of any age.
The reason that the LBD is a wardrobe basic is because it is probably the most versatile and timeless piece of fashion clothing that you can opt for. The fact that these dresses come in the most neutral of colors makes it a mainstay in any wardrobe.

Trench Coat

A trench coat is one of those wardrobe essentials that can take you from nice to wow in a matter of seconds. Ultra-stylish if worn the right way, a trench coat can be exactly what you need on a day when you are unsure of what works.
The best apparel to wear with a trench coat is a pair of well fitting denims or a pair of great trousers. When choosing a trench coat opt for one that hits you just above the knee for a just-off-the-runway look.

Classic Trousers

For working women, dress pants or a pair of well cut trousers form the basic of their wardrobe. And even if you don't like trousers and are more of a skirt person, you may find that owning a pair of trousers is a great idea.
With the right top, you can dress up or down a pair of trousers as you deem fit and go from board meeting to party in a matter of minutes. For a basic pair, you would do well buying a pair of trousers in a neutral color preferably black, as this allows you a lot of versatility in clothing.


Like a pair of dress pants is essential in every woman's wardrobe, no woman can actually label her closet complete without skirt. This is also one of the wardrobe essentials for working women.
It can be businesslike and feminine all at the same time. Also wearing a skirt allows you to avoid getting into the rut that professional dressing can sometime get you into.

Multipurpose Top

Do you know those days when you need to go from a business meeting to a cocktail party in a matter of minutes? These are situations in which a multipurpose top can be of great use. While buying such a top, the one thing that you need to keep in mind is that while it needs to look great when worn with a jacket, it should exude fun when worn to a party.

Day Dress

While opting for jeans because of the sheer comfort that they provide makes a lot of sense, it is also important that you allow that inner girl in you to emerge once in a while.
Day dresses are definitely important wardrobe essentials and a must-have where the fashion world is concerned. They are flattering, look adorable, and are perfect for those days when you are in the dumps and need a pick-me-up.


Whether you are working or not, a well cut and defined jacket is an important staple that needs to exist in your wardrobe. When you buy a jacket or a blazer, remember that it is not necessary to choose jackets that have a masculine cut.
There are many designers that have jacket collections specifically for women to accentuate their covers and create an hourglass silhouette. Buy a jacket or a blazer in a neutral color if you are opting for this important constituent of wardrobe essentials.

Sweatshirt Alternative

We understand the need to spend time in track and sweatsuits, thanks to the extreme comfort that they provide, but everyone needs to understand that you need to get out of the rut that it can create.
Which is why it is important to possess an alternative to sweatsuits. Opt for comfortable pants in fabrics like cotton, or even khakis. Alternatively if you are comfortable with the idea, opt for a dress in cotton.
These are the ten basic essentials that should occupy a place of pride in their closet. Other than these there are some accessories that you definitely need to own. One of these is a watch in a classic style. Other staples that you need to possess are great shoes.
Heels and flats both need to occupy space in your wardrobe; you never know what the occasion at hand will demand. Another important accessory that every woman needs to own is a good bag. With these basics, there is a very low chance that you will ever not make the grade, because you are sure to be always turned out stylishly.