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Where to Get Used Prom Dresses: Be Wise, Don't Go for Price

Where to Get Used Prom Dresses
If you are looking for used prom dresses for your first prom night, then you should know where to get used prom dresses from. Here are some tips regarding the same.
Fashionhance Staff
Last Updated: Aug 16, 2018
Prom night is one of the most important event in every teenager's life. This day marks the end of the school life, and the beginning of the college life. And on this special day, all have to look their best.
A girl, in order to look her best, needs to have a pretty dress that will make her look charming. At least a month before the important night, the search for the best and elegant dress starts. But sometimes, even when you get the best dress, which you simply love, its high price becomes a problem.
This is the time when you can look for used prom dresses, which are not only pretty, but also cheap. Since they have been worn just once, there are hardly any damages. Also, if you are wearing the dress which your grandmother or your mother had worn, nothing like it.
Where to Get the Dress
Using someone's used prom dress does not make you look bad. It's better to get a cheap, pretty, used dress rather than buying a new, expensive one, which you will wear only once. You do not have to sacrifice quality or beauty. You are only sacrificing the price.
Ask Others
There is no harm in asking other girls to give you their dresses, which they had used the previous year. Ask girls who are of the same size as you are, for their dresses. They will be more than happy to sell it to you, as they have no use of it later on. Even if they do not want to sell it, they can lend it to you for the special occasion.
Ask Around or Advertise
You can advertise in the local newspapers. Give a brief description about the size needed, your preferences, and even the budget. You will get many replies to your advertisements. You can also ask around in churches or ask friends to keep a look out for these clothes for you.
Check the Consignment Shops
Check the consignment shops, i.e., the shops where you get second-hand goods, in a good condition. They sell these dresses. When they are spring cleaning, many girls donate the dresses to the church or to these consignment shops.
Early Bird
If you are search is just beginning, then you have to start early. The earlier, the better. Otherwise, all the good ones will be gone, and you will be left with the ones, which you do not like.
Check Out for Advertisements
As the awaiting night nears, there are many advertisements in the local newspapers about cheap dresses. Keep your eyes open for these kinds of advertisements. You might get what you want at the best deal. So, keep your eyes and ears open.
From One Generation to the Next
Wearing your grandmother's or your mother's prom dress will make heads turn. Their dresses will have a traditional touch to them, and if you want, you can also give it a modern touch by adding maybe an accessory or two here and there with their help.
Things to Check
Before buying the dress, check for:
  • Any wear and tear
  • The size of the dress (it is of no use buying a beautiful dress that does not fit you)
  • Missing buttons and zipper that is working
  • Any threads that are showing or whether the color has faded
  • Rips or stains
It's important that you carry out these checks before you buy the dress, as later on, once you buy it, people may not be willing to exchange it. Hence, be careful while buying. Ask your mother or some older girl to help you out in these matters.
There is nothing like getting the best dress at a very low price. Start looking for one for that special night that makes you look like a princess and makes some heads turn.