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8 Types of Ravishing Forehead Accessories You MUST Try Out

8 Types of Forehead Accessories You Must Try
You adorn the rest of your body with glitter and jewels; you might as well consider decking out that ignorant yet significant part, your forehead. Take a chance, try wearing any of the following types of forehead jewelry and let us know if they scintillated your outfit.
Payal Kanjwani
Last Updated: Jul 14, 2017
Accessories are like vitamins to fashion - as such you should use them liberally.
― Anna dello Russo
It's no secret that accessories are women's best friend. But it's time to choose a BFF. We're talking about forehead accessories. I know, you may not be accustomed to wearing jewelry pieces on the forehead, so it may seem a bit silly at first. But trust me, these headbands and headdresses are big-time saviors.
They can take the charge of accentuating a dull, boring outfit; they can solve your bad hair day problems; they can help camouflage stuff you don't wanna reveal―we're talking about wide foreheads (wicked laugh). So, in short, they are must.
There are about 8 different types of forehead ornaments, along with some hybrids. Check them, and we bet, you'll end up picking a few for yourself.
Forehead Chain
forehead chain accessory
This piece of jewelry is a westernized version of what Asian brides wear. This is meant to sit in your hair plus a portion of it resting on your forehead. Minimalist designs with no gems can be carried well on any outfit. The ones with elaborate design―gems, rhinestones dangling should be worn with a traditional outfit. It screams for attention, so be sure to wear it when you want it to be the focal point of your outfit.
bandana scarf forehead accessory
Are you conscious about your forehead size? Or are you facing a bad hair day? Bandana works mysteriously well in either cases. Pick a printed scarf or a bandana and wrap it around your head. You can style it like a headband or cover a large portion of your head, like the sample. Grab a shade that goes contrast to your dress color, or sync it in a retro style.
Forehead Band
forehead band accessory
Forehead bands are a beauty! It is similar to a hippie headband but the embellishments differ. The only concern about these bands is their fit. Fetch one that fits you right across your forehead, and you're all set to stand out from the crowd.
Bridal Tiara
Bridal tiara forehead accessory
No wonder, most of the forehead jewelry is meant for brides 'cause that is the history behind their origin. Bridal tiara, popular in diamonds and pearls, is a jeweled headdress that has a detailed yet elegant design. This piece, in particular, has gorgeous lace work done along with the gem. This graceful embellishment deserves an occasion equally special. Save it for weddings or for a great theme party.
Flower Crown
forehead flower crown accessory
A cute beige dress + a flower crown = any event at the beach. Can you beat it? Floral crowns have paved their way from traditional times to modern days. Colors like pink, ivory, look super-sweet when paired with such flower crowns. Tender. Fragrant. Graceful. Keep the makeup light, match the shade of your eyeshadow, and you'll be the talk of the town.
Hair Clip
hair clip forehead accessory
Yes, this accessory can play the roles of both, a hair clip and forehead jewelry. Well, we suppose you're game for forehead accessories, but for some cases, if they don't fascinate you, this piece of jewelry is a good option. Let it rest in your hair like they do with conventional headbands. But, the picture is so darn tempting, it feels like it will be unfair with the piece to not wear it the way it's supposed to be.
diadem forehead accessory
Diadem, originally, is an ornamental headband that stands for royalty. The desire to want something new had led this Eastern piece of jewelry to evolve as a forehead jewelry. There are like innumerable styles of diadem available. Browse online if you want to accentuate the head with this gorgeous piece.
Hippie Headband
hippie headband forehead accessory
Going for a workout and struggling with sweat problems? Fret not, till we have hippies around. Out with your girlfriends? This headband is still handy. This headpiece is here to stay. No matter what the occasion, a little hippie band blends in well. You can try styling your regular headbands this way by letting them rest on your forehead.
Some Other Styles
collage of ethnic forehead accessories
Well, Asians have a way with ethnic wear! Most of these styles are influenced by Indian wedding makeup, and the western world is slowly adapting these. Looking at these, we say, it's not just diamonds, but rhinestones, pearls, crystals (and the list continues), are a girl's best friend.