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Choosing Tween Clothing

Is choosing clothing for your tween becoming a task that you dread? Here are a few tips that will make the shopping experience more enjoyable and less horrific.
Tulika Nair Nov 03, 2018
If you are parent to a tween, then you are probably banging your head trying to come up with a perfect solution to the conundrum that is tween clothing. How do you ensure that your kid understands the ephemeral nature of fashion, and learns how to pick clothing that suits her, and is not just a trend that will be over before you can say clothes.
Given here are a few tips to choose clothing for girls that will indulge their fantasies, and at the same time, be practical buys.

Important Tips

Shop With Your Tween

Tween is an age where children are discovering themselves, and are increasingly feeling a need to express their individuality. Many sociologists have held forth the thought that, tweens are the new teenagers, and this is probably true.
With many teen idols and clothing lines introduced by them, which are aimed at tweens, kids are feeling the pressure to dress older than their age. This is where shopping with them is becoming necessary.
At the same time, you should try to avoid making your kid's choice for her. Go shopping together, and let her pick out clothes she likes. Browse through her selection, and then make the final choice together.

Discuss the Budget

It is extremely important that you and your kid discuss the budget for her shopping trip. Explain to her that at her age (which is a growing phase), she will outgrow her clothes extremely fast, and will need new clothes frequently.
Also, if her choices are determined by the latest fashion trends, then this too will be a passing phase. While doing so, do not walk down on her, but encourage her questions (if she has any). Make a list of the things that are necessities, and then allocate a bit of the budget to trendy pieces that she has been coveting a while.
If you want to purchase cheaper clothes, then you could probably shop when sales are on, or even make selections on websites that tend to have huge discounts.

Discuss Appropriateness

With increasing influence of older stars and their dressing styles, thanks to the media exposure, there is a possibility that your tween will want to dress in a way that is completely inappropriate for her age, like wearing low waist jeans or clothes that are too revealing.
Before you go on your shopping jaunt, it is therefore, important that you explain to your daughter the appropriate clothes that she can choose. It is essential that you make these things clear before you go shopping, unless you want a scene to be created at the mall.

Proper Self Image

This is an extremely important thing to keep in mind, especially if your child has a poor self image. If your daughter tends to compare herself to her friends, is slightly overweight, or is not growing at the same pace as her friends, then it is a possibility that she is beating herself up.
In such a situation, you need to delicately convey to your kid, that looking good does not depend on fashion clothing or now-here, now-gone trends. Explain to your child, the importance of owning classic patterns, that can be teamed with fashionable accessories to look good, and also be the cynosure at all outings.
Explain to her, the fallacy of the images portrayed in the media. Remember that with increasing exposure and faster maturity levels of kids, there is a higher chance, that your kid wants to ape an idol, who is projecting the wrong image for her.

Caring for Wardrobe

Your daughter is going to be finally at an age where she can learn to care for her clothes. She needs to understand that some fabrics need more care, like silk or wool. So, if she is going to buy clothes in a certain fabric just because it is in fashion, she needs to understand that she will need to care for it.
Also, this is the age where you can start thinking about buying clothing items that will last her a while. For instance, if you buy a skirt that is slightly long now, your daughter can probably wear it till it reaches just above her knees. Also, you can buy clothes that can be mixed and matched with clothes that already exist in her wardrobe.
There are many brands like Abercrombie, American Eagle, Justice, etc., that have exclusive tween clothing lines. You could probably make shopping trips to these stores, in case you are confused about the choices available to you.
While the options available for children's clothing may seem adult-like in many ways, and your child's puppy dog like expression may melt your heart enough to buy these clothes for her, it is important to stick to these ground rules.