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Planning to Buy a Tungsten Ring? Know Its Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Tungsten Rings
If you are planning to get a tungsten ring for yourself, it is important for you to know about its pros and cons. This Fashionhance article will give you complete information on the advantages as well as disadvantages of wearing this ring.
Deepa Kartha
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2018
Tungsten is a metal which is usually used for the purpose of manufacturing tools and machinery. However, in the last few years, this alloy has been introduced in the form of jewelry. Though it was not very popular when it was introduced, it is rapidly becoming a favorite among people, especially men, because of its strength and durability. Most men choose tungsten for their wedding ring, because it is unique, and available in different styles and patterns.
Tungsten rings are usually made by mixing carbon alloys to them, and are hence, called tungsten carbide. This gives it the durability, which it is so well-known for. However, there are many jewelers who manufacture these rings by adding cobalt to it. This can cause allergic reactions, and should be completely avoided. To prevent such a thing, it is important that you ask the jeweler about the materials that were used for the manufacturing. If you are planning to buy one for your wedding, or maybe just to give someone a gift, you ought to know about it in detail.
  • As mentioned earlier, one of the biggest advantage of using tungsten rings is its durability. They are very strong, and under no circumstances, would they bend like the ones made of other materials. Apart from this, these rings have a high resistance to tarnish, and cannot be scratched easily. This makes them popular among men who are in professions, where they have to use their hands to handle heavy weight tools, which can cause damage to the rings made of other metals like gold, silver, platinum, etc.
  • Another advantage of using tungsten rings is that they do not require any maintenance charges. Most of us know that platinum, silver, and gold jewelry needs regular polishing, as they lose their shine due to regular wear and tear. However, tungsten bands do not lose their shine. Once they are polished, they remain brilliant and sparkling for a long time. As they stay the same for a long time, many people opt for them as their wedding rings, because it symbolizes the marriage vows of long-lasting love and devotion between the husband and wife.
  • Tungsten rings made using nickel as a binder, are best for people who experience allergies due to rings made of other metals. This is because they are hypoallergenic, and are best for people who have a sensitive skin. More importantly, they are cheaper than the rings made of silver, gold, and platinum.
  • Though these rings are strong and durable, many people prefer other types of rings, because tungsten rings are very heavy. This is the reason why people prefer titanium rings, because it looks similar to tungsten, but is light in weight.
  • Another disadvantage is that they cannot be re-sized, as in the case of other metals. So, if you put on weight or may be lose some, you cannot get your ring size adjusted. However, there are many jewelers who give a lifetime guarantee when they sell tungsten rings. Due to this guarantee, you can get your ring replaced due to the problem of size, for free. Hence, while making your purchase, ask questions regarding this to your jeweler.
  • As these rings are very hard, it becomes difficult to cut them off from the finger during emergency situations. Some people believe that removing them from the finger is impossible, and one would have to cut the finger off to do so. This is nothing but a myth, since hospitals have safe methods of removing the rings in case of an emergency.
  • Another problem is that it is hard to engrave on them in a traditional way. However, this should not be the reason to reject them, because engravings can be done with a laser, which will give them a unique as well as an intricate look.
Though tungsten rings have both pros and cons, the pros do outweigh the cons. However, the decision of choosing rings is truly personal. So, one should go through all these factors carefully, and buy them, only if it matches with your requirements.
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