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Various Designs of the Intricately Crafted Tungsten Rings for Women

Tungsten rings were in cool amongst men, but the new designs are now equally popular among women too.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Mar 17, 2019
If you thought that tungsten was meant only for the manufacture of the filament of an electric bulb, then fine tungsten jewelry will instantly change your mind. This jewelry, though recently introduced in the jewelry market, has captured a sizable market share.
Tungsten rings are a favorite amongst men and women alike. When these rings were first launched, they failed to gain the interest of women due to their width and bulky nature. However, the newly launched rings for women are sleek, light, and intricately crafted. They are comparable with platinum, gold, and white gold rings.

Why Go for Tungsten?

This is a question that will invariably come to the mind of any woman interested in buying one. What is it that makes this material so special? Well, to begin with, uniqueness is one feature that sets tungsten apart from other metals.
Although white gold jewelry and platinum jewelry are considered very precious, their common use has made them lose their earlier charm. However, the same cannot be said about tungsten jewelry, which has just begun to gain popularity.
Thus, if you are a woman seeking uniqueness in your jewelry, then these rings are perfect for you. Moreover, this material is stronger and harder than other metals, making it more appropriate for daily wear. Its durability makes it compatible with the rough lifestyle of modern working women.

Designs and Styles

The rings are available in myriad styles, widths and designs. They usually come in a width of 4 mm to 6 mm. However, some companies may offer thin, feminine rings as small as 2mm in width. These rings can be crafted with other metals such as gold or platinum, so that the color difference is not noticeable.
Fashion rings are a bit wider and are designed on the lines of men's rings. Tungsten wedding rings are highly polished and are often smaller versions of men's wedding bands. This allows women to match their wedding bands with their husbands'.
Beveled edge rings are particularly popular among women who buy them for their style quotient. Although it is difficult to make them in the setting of diamond solitaire rings, diamond rings can be created by burnishing diamond into tungsten metal.


Tungsten rings are mostly available in their trademark shiny gray color. However, it is not unusual to find them in gold or black. Gold or black tungsten rings are treated with a layer of zirconium, which renders their unique color. They are worn as a fashion statement and rarely used for wedding bands.
The color eventually fades with the usage. However, you might get a manufacturer's warranty which may cover fading. At times, the zirconium coating may crack or chip, revealing the metal underneath. Attractive gemstones in bright colors can also be ordained in these rings to make them vibrant and fashionable.
Thus, tungsten rings are suitable for any woman who seeks durability and style at the same time. Tungsten wedding bands can also serve as a great variation from the usual gold or platinum bands. Since marriages symbolize long-lasting companionship, there cannot be a better way to seal your wedding than with a tungsten wedding band.