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Top 10 Watches

Watches have been a favorite accessory for men and women since quite a long time. With time, the styles and patterns have changed. And what we have today are some truly elegant watches for both men and women. This article will tell you about 10 of the best watches that are available today.
Fashionhance Staff
What makes a good watch? Its outer appearance? Or is it the accuracy? Is it the special features that it has or is it the simplicity of the design? Any person who has a keen interest in watches will tell you that it is a blend of all of the above. Let us now see the names of some of the best watches for men and women, that have a harmonious blend of all these features. They have been arranged in no particular order.
Rolex Sea Dweller
When it comes to watches, no one does them better than Rolex. Every watch lover's dream is to someday, own a gorgeous Rolex and flaunt it off to everyone he knows. The Rolex Sea Dweller is an absolute must-have if you're a collector of watches. Made from shiny stainless steel, this watch is one of the most durable ones in the market today and can bear a water pressure of up to 2.98 metric tonnes. It is also extremely strong and can withstand rough use.
TAG Heuer Kirium F1
This watch is one of the best for adventure-loving men. It has a simple design, the dial of which is made from durable stainless steel. The first thing that will attract your eyes when you set them on this watch is its innate simplicity. At first glance, it may look very plain but once you take a closer look, you will appreciate its true beauty. It has a digital and analog display, anti-reflective glass, and a scratch- and water-resistant dial. It comes in steel and also with black straps.
Dior Christal 38mm Limited-Edition Watch
This is one of those must-have watches for women. As if the name Dior was not enough, it has a breathtaking design that will make any woman go weak in the knees. The case is made of white mother of pearl and the back is transparent. The straps are made from white gold and have baguette diamonds in them. The dial has diamonds and a mother of pearl marquetry.
Panerai Radiomir 1936 Special Edition
The age-old name of Panerai is back with a recreation of its very popular prototype, which was specially requested to be made by the Italian navy for its divers. The prototype of this watch was extremely well-loved by watch collectors when it was first launched in 1936. Now, it's back with a California look (read big dial) and an interesting dial design. The top numbers are in Roman script while the bottom ones are in regular Arabic script numerals. They are a special edition of the 1936 models.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Classique Grande Automatique
Jaeger-LeCoultre is one of the most well-known names for their unique meshing of exquisite finesse and creativity. And the Reverso Classique Grande Automatique is another example of just that. This watch, which has a strong stainless steel case and leather straps, has a dial that can be reversed. The front of the dial displays a usual analog clock together with a seconds hand in the corner. When reversed, it shows an analog clock along with the option of another time zone.
Christian Dior Ladies Watch Chris 47
Another watch from Christian Dior makes it to this list. Sheer brilliance is what comes to your mind when you see this dazzling timepiece. Your personality will be well-reflected if you adorn your wrist with this sparkling jewel of a watch. The dial has an elegant oblong shape and is made in silver. It has gorgeous, smooth satin straps which feel very comfortable when worn. The bezel of the watch has diamonds in it, which further enhances its striking appearance.
Tag Heuer Carrera
The Tag Heuer legacy is sufficient to make anyone trust the quality of the watch without giving it a second thought. And with every watch they make, the quality only gets better and better, making it very difficult to disagree with the above statement. Here is another such watch, which will make your heart sigh in delight. The Carrera is made of perfectly scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. The case is made of polished steel and dials are available in silver, brown, and black.
Bvlgari-Bvlgari Black Guilloche
Bvlgari is another name that you can trust blindly. Their range of women's watches, if described in one word, is simply 'stunning'. The dial of the Black Guilloche is round and has extremely slender hour markers and hands, and a black background. A classic Italian timepiece is what this watch is. Perfectly elegant with its stainless steel case and signature double logo (one embossed on the case and one on the dial), this one is a great collectible for connoisseurs of women's watches.
Gucci Women's G-Dial Bracelet Watch
How can Gucci be left behind in the watch category! Their range of watches for women is truly breathtaking. This masterpiece is made of stainless steel and its most standout feature is its 'G' shaped bezel. If a truly feminine watch is what you're looking for, then this one's right on top of the list. It has a dainty appearance with its silver hands and sapphire crystal protective glass. It is also perfectly scratch-resistant and will make any lady feel like the princess of the world when she wears it.
Cartier Miss Pasha Watch
Here is a watch for all the enthusiastic ladies out there, who have a sense of lively energy about them. Cartier brings for them a special Miss Pasha watch which has a sturdy, yet feminine appearance. A very simple creation, it is made of steel and has an exquisitely simple dial with a gorgeous set of ink blue hands to tell time in an analog format. The cover set can be easily screwed down on this watch.
These were just a take on what's popular as of now and what are the kind of watches that people are wearing and which are the brands that are the most sought after. So if you want to get one for yourself or to gift to someone, you know which ones to choose from.
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