Top 9 Fashion Magazines for Women

Top 9 fashion magazines for women
Flipping pages of a magazine to pass time is common. But if it is a fashion magazine that you are browsing through, then chances are that the gorgeous images and features in the same will stop you in your tracks. Here are our picks of the top fashion magazines for women that are truly arresting.
Which Came First?

Naming the first fashion magazine can be grounds for quite the battle. While some believe it was published in Germany in 1586, others stay firm on their belief that it was published in France in 1678.
Fashion magazines get a seriously bad rap. Common complaints include, they set bad standards for women, they cause girls to have unrealistic expectations from themselves, they highlight luxury fashion which is beyond the reach of many, etc. While these gripes are not totally made up or uncalled-for, they are at times over-exaggerated. Whatever you say about fashion magazines, there is an aspirational quality about them. Look beyond their glossier surfaces, and you will find that almost all of them feature articles about issues that affect us on a humane level. From photo features about what toys mean to kids from different countries and societal classes, to interviews with women and men who have broken stereotypes and conventions to make a name for themselves, fashion publications are often eyeopeners. Buzzle tips its hat to the top fashion magazines for women in the industry, who are trailblazers not just in terms of highlighting style but showcasing our society as well.


Established: 1892
Company: Condé Nast
Frequency: Monthly

Why it should be in this list: Brilliant trendspotting, gorgeous photographs which are no less than artwork, and remarkably polished writing that keeps the reader engrossed, Vogue manages to be, issue after issue, that unique magazine that offers you everything you would want from a fashion publication. With almost 12.5 million international readers (according to the publication), it is the world's most influential fashion magazine, as Caroline Weber, book critic, put it.



Established: 1945
Company: Hearst Magazines
Frequency: Monthly

Why it should be in this list: From the latest fashion trends to pop culture to celeb fashionistas and street style, Elle magazine is a fabulous amalgamation of all things pretty and aspirational. Today, it is one of the largest fashion magazines in the world with 43 international editions which are published in over 60 countries. A personal favorite, Elle (in comparison to other top-end magazines) succeeds in making fashion seem more real and doable; a huge feat in the world of supermodels and designer wear.


Harper's Bazaar

Established: 1867
Company: Condé Nast
Frequency: Monthly

Why it should be in this list: Bazaar, as it is more popularly referred to, stands out in the crowd of celebrity-overdosing magazines with its impeccable design and aesthetic. Gorgeous typography, to-die-for photo shoots, and indulgent articles leave you feeling slightly guilty and slightly tempted. Less mainstream and more fashion-industry focused, this is THE magazine for a true fashion lover.

Marie Claire

Established: 1937
Company: Groupe Marie Claire (France), Hearst Corporation (U.S.), IPC Media (UK)
Frequency: Monthly

Why it should be in this list: For the woman who looks for more from a fashion magazine than just must-have clothes and accessories features, Marie Claire is the place to go to. Character and substance are two words that describe the magazine best. Humorous in part and opinionated in part, the staff at Marie Claire is not afraid to say what they think, and this makes the magazine perfect for its stylish and intelligent reader base.


Established: 1994
Company: Time Inc. (U.S.), IPC Media, Time Inc. (UK)
Frequency: Monthly

Why it should be in this list: A magazine that puts its aim right in its name, InStyle is a favorite with several readers. From celebrity style to street-worthy, real-life outfit ideas, the magazine focuses on making fashion creative, yet practical. Their fashion spreads are equally realistic, and do not feature as much drama as some of the other players on this page. Easy-to-read and approachable, it is the perfect stepping stone for someone fanning their interest in style.


Established: 1939
Company: Condé Nast
Frequency: Monthly

Why it should be in this list: Vogue's younger sibling, Glamour is a compilation of articles on both low-end and high-end fashion. There are the usual fashion features, but there are also reader's opinions on trends, editorial pieces of issues that affect women, and even some male insight on different topics. It's one of those publications that really manages to achieve a balance with the varied features it does.


Established: 2000
Company: Condé Nast
Frequency: Weekly

Why it should be in this list: Lucky sells itself as a shopping guide which hunts down gorgeously incredible finds in the least expected locations. For this reason, and this reason only, it deserves a spot on this list of top fashion magazines. Also, it is irreverent in its approach to things, slightly punky, and still retains a flavor of the vintage. This makes it the perfect mag to have in your hand when you are on the lookout for some character in your wardrobe.


Established: 1991
Company: Condé Nast
Frequency: Monthly

Why it should be in this list: You know how sometimes fashion magazines fail to tell you how you can adopt a style and make it your own? That is where Allure scores and does so big time. It's a monthly guidebook for all things trendy, and features runway and street style looks with equal panache. Allure is one of those comparatively newer fashion magazines which is making the industry seem less scary to its many readers.


Established: 1972
Company: Condé Nast
Frequency: Monthly

Why it should be in this list: Controversy, thy name is W. With the number of editorials and covers that the magazine has featured and created a stir with, W is the bad girl on this list of fashion magazines. With features on both American and European society, the magazine is a true depiction of how fashion is art. Bold, brazen, and beautiful, W is a must for those readers who want a more global view of all things style.

In recent times, mainstream fashion magazines have been hit hard, thanks to online portals with similar content. But flip through the pages of a fashion glossy, and you will never want to go back to a computer screen. Vivid images, over-the-top drama, photo shoots with stories running through them, real-life inspiration from men and women; there is something about these magazines that wants you to aim higher.