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Different Patterns of Toboggan Caps

Fatima Rangwala Nov 6, 2018
A toboggan cap, or a toque, is a cap made of wool, and is normally worn to provide warmth during the winters. It is available in a lot of varieties. Read on to know more about them.
What's better than a stylish toboggan cap to light up a chilly bonfire nightout with your friends? Go through the amazing styles and patterns mentioned here, see what suits your personality, and take your pick.

Haka Hat

This cap can be worn in four different ways. It is ultra warm, looks stylish, and is great as a headgear. It has bulky, hand-spun yarn with a multitude of colors knitted in it. Also, what makes this cap different is, it has loose straps hanging till your chin.
These can be tied to your chin, buttoned up over your forehead to keep your ears warm, or fastened behind your neck to protect your ears from a cold, harsh wind.

Cosima Toboggan Hat Pattern

This pattern sports subtle, but definite textured stripes of different colors, and uses luxurious, soft wool.
It serves as an extremely whimsical choice and normally goes well with casual wear and a formal dressy coat.
It has tasseled ear flaps to keep you warm on a cold winter day.

Everything But The Kitchen Sink Hat

The name might be funny, but it's design is too cute. It is knitted in an increasing, decreasing, flat, and purl pattern simply having a double wool or cotton layer in it. It has a ponytail slot for your hair, ear flaps to protect your ears, and a brim at the forehead to shade your eyes from the sun's glare.
The brim and ponytail slot is quite functional in its make. You can button it up or flip it down accordingly.

Madeleine Earflap Hat

This cap has an amazing zig-zag cable pattern all over it which continues down onto the ear flaps. It is basically knit starting from the crown, all the way down, using the famous circular cast on knitting technique.
Also, a double crochet stitch is knitted around the bottom base of the cap. Externally, braided tassels are attached to the ear flaps and voila! You just got a look as if you were skiing or snowboarding.

Pink Pigtails Toboggan Cap Pattern

Perhaps, this cap could suit girls or ladies with short hair. Hair is definitely one of the most attractive features of a woman. So wear this cap if you want to fake long hair. This is ideally one of those knitting patterns which can be worn on a cold winter night or on a chilly spring day. It is knitted in heavy cotton yarn.

Spiral Tweed Cloche

Pair it with a formal or a casual outfit; this cap, which represents femininity to the hilt, won't fail to make you look a class apart. Because of its heavy gauge appearance, the knitting can be completed at a very fast pace.
Use spiraling purl stitches to start working from the crown to the bottom. The cloche is sewed in a grosgrain ribbon just about 2'' from the brim. For an classic add-on, clasp a brooch on the front of the cap, it'll look great!
Now that you are aware about the different styles and patterns in which a toboggan cap can be knit, you could try out some of them and check what suits you best.