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Consider These Pros and Cons of Titanium Rings Before Buying One

Titanium Rings Pros and Cons
People allergic to gold and silver can try out titanium jewelry. After reading the pros and cons of titanium rings, one can decide if one wants to buy them or not.
Priya Johnson
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
Wedding Bands
We are all familiar with the element titanium and its metal form, which has been used in all kinds of products right from aircraft to medical implants. Titanium's incredible strength, durability, and lightness has enabled it to pave its way into the jewelry industry as well.
Today, titanium is used to make eyeglass frames, watches, earrings, bracelets, and rings. Titanium jewelry is very comfortable to wear, since the metal itself is light. However, the first few titanium pieces were gunmetal gray in color and less attractive, which is why they weren't a preferred jewelry metal. Nevertheless, time and technology has brought about incredible changes to the earlier version.
The evolved version is silver gray in color, is 3 times stronger than steel, and is much stronger than platinum, gold, and silver. Today, titanium is available in a broad spectrum of colors, right from purple, blue, night sky, black rainbow, sunburst colors, blue moon, and solar ash, besides the natural titanium shade. This color effect on titanium is achieved by the process of oxidation. For those of you who wish to know more about how good these rings are, let us consider their pros and cons.
Pros of Titanium Rings
Lightweight: People who avoid wearing jewelry because they are heavy, bulky, and bothersome, for them titanium jewelry is just perfect. Men who aren't accustomed to wearing rings, can opt for titanium rings as their wedding bands. As compared to a gold or silver ring, these rings are far lighter.
Strong: Besides being light, titanium is also strong, which is basically why they are used for space shuttles, medical instruments, and airplanes. So, they are perfect for wedding bands. Moreover, since its strength prevents it from giving in to pressure, it becomes ideal for embedding stones.
Hypoallergenic: The word 'hypoallergenic' means causing less allergic reactions. Several people are allergic to metals like gold and silver. However, titanium is a nonferrous material, thus, is a virtually safe metal for everybody.
Corrosion Resistant and Durable: Normal wear does not tarnish titanium rings. Unlike gold jewelry, which wears down, titanium will hold strong over the years, revealing minimal wear down. This quality makes titanium a suitable metal for wedding bands. Couples who are interested in a more symbolic wedding band can opt for this metal. Titanium rings can be re-oxidized if they get scratched.
Style and Selection: Today, titanium rings are available with set stones, die cut type, paired with white gold or gold, etc. Thus, locating a suitable fashionable piece should not be very difficult. Moreover, since titanium is not very expensive, one need not worry about the expenses. Ever found a really gorgeous looking piece of jewelry, only to be disappointed by the phone number-sized digits on the price tag! Well, you'll get stylish titanium jewelry for pretty affordable rates.
Cons of Titanium Rings
Resizing Problems: Titanium is so strong, that it cannot be resized. Therefore, those intending to get titanium engagement rings ought to make sure the measurements are taken properly. Or else, when the ring's done you will find yourself stuck with a ring that does not fit. You will probably have to wear it as a pendant on your necklace then. However, to avoid all these issues, check with the jeweler if you can exchange the ring in case of a misfit due to weight fluctuations. This is a major drawback for those planning to have titanium rings as wedding bands.
Less Shine and Less Expensive: As compared to gold, silver, and platinum jewelry, titanium features a less shiny appearance. So, buyers often disregard titanium jewelry for the lack of luster. Moreover, who ever thought the low price factor could work against titanium rings. The affordability factor has made them less popular and less sought after among the elite class. The low price factor also make titanium rings lose points when it comes to be chosen as wedding bands.
Safety Issues: Many professional jewelers claim that titanium rings can be easily cut off from the finger, like any other ring in case of accidents and emergencies. However, a titanium ring takes longer time to be cut off. In cases where titanium jewelry has been used in nose, bellybutton, eyebrow, or ear piercing rings, one can develop allergic reactions if titanium alloy has been used to make them. The metal it is alloyed with can spearhead allergic reactions, this is why it is important to be cautious and alert with regards to the purity of titanium used. Certain incidents have also been reported where individuals have injured their fingers since their wedding rings have been made of titanium, it cannot be cut off without injuring the hand.
Whether a titanium ring is suitable for you or not will depend on your personal choice. Those who prefer fancy engagement rings like those with diamonds, etc., may not these rings satisfying. However, those seeking attractive, fairly inexpensive, yet unusual rings, can opt for this kind. Keeping the above mentioned pros and cons in mind, make your final decision.