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10 Extremely Smart Tips to Wear Your Khaki Pants the Stylish Way

Tips to Wear Your Khaki Pants the Stylish Way
Be it a pair of pleated tan pants or casual cargo pants, khakis have been timeless. They look great with long sleeve shirts, tees, denims, and blend well with tops of different colors. Add these to your wardrobe and make it classy! Fashionhance gives you some tips to wear your khakis the stylish way.
Payal Kanjwani
Last Updated: Jul 14, 2017
The fit and color of your khaki are the most important things to be considered before planning a day out in these military-inspired pants.
Having said that, the current trend may call for various pockets to be placed on your pants, but if you're on the heavier side, or have extra pounds on your waistline or a belly bulge, dump the tight fits. Gone are the days when khakis were those loose, baggy pants. The new khakis are a fashion statement with a straight fit. Tight fits and chinos are in and available in plenty.

These pants can not only make a part of your summer collection but also of the winter one as they are light weight outfits. Khakis come in different colors, brown and beige being the most common ones, but latest trend has them in the hues of tan, green, cream, and gray. True khaki is made from cotton, but these days, it is available in corduroy fabric too. Khakis with 4 pockets are perfect, so don't unnecessarily pack yourself in a 10-pocket pant!

Here are some tips to wear these regular, business casual pants to get that extra bit of attention.
Tips To Style Your Khaki Pants
Wear it with White
Khaki pants with white
If you're new to wearing khakis, the safest bet is to pair your tan pants with white shirts or tops. If you choose the pleated pant which tapers from the thigh to the bottom, give a casual touch to it by adding a white flowy top or a laced blouse. This looks pretty glamorous, no kidding! For a formal appearance, tuck in the white blouse and tie your hair into a neat updo!
Pair it with Blue
Full length khaki pants with blue
Khaki pants with blue
Be it a plaid shirt tucked in, or a plain blue dress shirt left untucked, the blue top and khaki pant make a classic combo! Add a pair of Oxford Heels or brown-hued Converse to your attire.
Add some Feminine Color
Khaki pants with feminine colors
Adding a feminine tinge to the masculine khaki can work wonders. You could wear a polo shirt or a slim fit shirt in pink or red with full length khaki pants. Or you could choose a soft pastel shirt with a capri length khaki to flaunt those shapely legs. Accessorize with a contrasting belt and footwear.
Denim + Khaki = Super-casual Combo!
Tight fit khaki pants with denim
Formal khaki pants with denim
The daily, casual fashion wear of the universe revolves around denim. Pick a denim shirt or a denim jacket, and pair it with straight fit khaki pants. Women can go in for khaki chinos with a denim accented button down shirt. Add a pair of geeky glasses or a stack of bangles to complement the outfit, and give yourself that intelligent, interesting look. A great pair of shoes would give the finishing touch. Altogether, a groovy Friday look!
With Wraps and Sweaters
Khaki pants with sweaters and wraps
Mix and match the tees and the wraps on a semi-formal khaki pant. Blend bright color sweaters or wraps with light color khakis. Take a look at the sample above to get an idea of the khaki effect. A business casual look incorporated with some playfulness!
With Scarves and Jackets
Khaki pants with jacket and scarves
For regular khakis, either wear a jacket that has khaki detailing, or just coordinate its color with that of your pant. For lighter-colored khakis combine it with a darker jackets and throw in a scarf for that absolute casual look. A pair of sneakers would look great with them. A perfect winter look that is even more promising than what you imagined!
A Little Black Goes a Long Way
Khaki pants with black footwear
All set to step out of your home in your khaki? Umm... something's missing, right? Grab a pair of lustrous black stilettos or a black wrap and add that chic look!
Master with a Mix!
Khaki pants with contrasting footwear
Team your khaki pants with a dark-colored blouse/shirt. Add more color with a pair of bright pumps and a matching scarf. A look appropriate for both casual and formal occasions.
With Khaki Accents
Khaki pants with khaki accessories
Girl wearing khaki pants with khaki sneakers
If pairing your khakis seems challenging, pick anything you find in your wardrobe for a top (a formal shirt, a semi-casual tee). Later, search accessories in shades of khaki. Shoes being the most natural choice, you can have your handbags or suitcases in khaki color as well.
Wear it with Tall Boots
Khaki pants with tall boots
While the winter attire doesn't allow you to expose your skin, we suggest you showcase your style by wearing tall boots. Contrasting boot colors with cute cloches, lovely woolen wraps, and tall boots, make an ultimate winter wear statement!
Making the army-inspired pant a trendy piece of fashion is not an easy task. Try these tips, experiment a little on your own, and you're sure to get it right. Happy Styling!