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Tips to Clean Your Cool Ray-Ban Glasses

Tips to Clean Your Cool Ray-Ban Glasses

You own a pair of Ray-Ban glasses, but aren't sure how to keep them squeaky clean? Fashionhance jots down tips to clean your cool set of glasses, along with detailed steps to do it. Cleaning your glasses on a regular basis will keep your lenses intact, and protect your vision.
Payal Kanjwani
"Glass lens are like camera lens. They make you see the world differently."
― Anonymous

Owning a pair of Ray-Ban glasses is a style accessory. Youngsters are crazy about flaunting their Ray-Ban pair. They say, owning one such pair is a matter of pride. Of course, it is! But imagine wearing those glasses with smudges and blemishes over it. It won't just obstruct your view, but also act as a spoiler when you are actually trying to swank in those cool glasses. So, it's equally important to keep those goggles clean. This will also reduce the chances of your shades getting decolorized or scratched, thereby, increasing its life.

The Ray-Ban polarized sunglasses make a good addition to your accessories. They are highly effective, and so come with a high price. But due to improper handling, or ignorance towards keeping them clean, they can invite scratches and dirt. Therefore, it is essential that you take good care of them, keeping them clean.

Tips to Clean Your Ray-Ban Glasses
Do ...

✦ Clean your glasses at least once a month.

✦ Use only professional cleaning cloths; those are made especially for eye glasses.

✦ Keep your glasses in its case when not in use.

✦ Use pre-moistened towels, as they consist of a small amount of alcohol, helping the glasses to get cleaned effectively.
Don't ...

✦ Use household chemicals as they may damage the coating.

✦ Use a towel or tissue paper for cleaning your glasses.

✦ Use alcohol on plastic frames, especially for Ray-Ban Wayfarers. Otherwise, the frames get discolored and may start getting brittle.

✦ Expose your sunglasses to excessive heat. This again, may end up causing damage to your frame.

✦ Handle your glasses with the lens. This may give rise to fingerprints and smudges on the lens, thus disrupting clear vision.

Procedure to Clean Your Glasses
With Soap Solution

✦ First of all, scrutinize the lens of your glasses for dirt and grit. Gently wash them with clean water.

✦ Now, in a side-to-side motion, wipe the lenses with the help of a clean cloth, and allow your glasses to dry completely. You can hold them in the sunlight to inspect dirt or smudges on the lens.

✦ Make a soap solution by pouring some lukewarm water and a mild detergent or liquid soap.

✦ Dip the glasses in this solution and softly rub all the parts―lens, hinges, and bridges with your fingers. You can use cotton swabs to remove the stubborn stains.

✦ Check for buildup in the glasses around nose pieces, hinges, etc.

✦ Rinse it off with clean water. Dry it with a soft, clean cloth, preferably the one you get with the pair of glasses. Start with the lens area by moving towards the hinges.

✦ Allow the moisture to dry out completely. That's it! Your pair of Ray-Ban glasses are squeaky clean.
With Alcohol

Firstly, be very clear with the fact that all Ray-Bans can't be cleaned with alcohol. In fact, many styles of Ray-Ban may brittle out even with the slightest amount of alcohol. For wayfarers, it's a big NO! For others, consider the following procedure.

✦ Take a small pump bottle of about 1 oz., and fill it with a very small amount of rubbing alcohol.

✦ Fill the remaining part of the bottle with water. Basically, we're diluting alcohol here.

✦ Add a few drops of liquid soap to this bottle, and shake.

✦ Spray this on your glasses.

✦ Use a cotton swab to slightly rub, and wipe all the parts of the eyewear.

Voilà! Your Ray-Ban seems spick and span.