5 Tips to Buy Comfortable Leggings

5 Tips to Buy Comfortable Leggings

Leggings are versatile, come in many adorable colors and prints, and are extremely comfortable. However, before you go out to buy one or a few dozen, take a look at these 5 essential tips.
A Humble Reminder
Leggings are not a substitute for pants. No matter what you do, DO NOT, under any circumstance, wear a top that exposes your bottom.
We have seen countless female celebrities sporting cute and sexy leggings while they're out on the town. Why is that? Uh, maybe because they are comfy and adorable. However, there are a few places where some of us can go wrong while buying them. In this Buzzle article, I am going to share some valuable tips to buy comfortable leggings that will always make you look fabulous.

What to Look for When Buying Leggings

Let the following tips be the 'ground rules' or 'buying rules' to find the right legging every time you shop for one. And, these tips are for any and every body type.

1. Determine Your Budget

Even though leggings are becoming a wardrobe staple for many, a sensible budget is always a good start. While on a shopping spree, we often get distracted and may unfortunately go overboard on the expenditure. So, before you even step out of your home, make a mental note of how much you're willing to spend on leggings. Although leggings come in every budget range imaginable, your aim is to fix a price for yourself.

2. Select from Various Lengths for Your Body Type

Considering your body type, you will have to buy leggings that'll accentuate your legs to various degrees. There are four main legging lengths to choose from: i) knee length, ii) mid-calf or capri length, iii) ankle length, and iv) stirrup length. During summer and spring, invest in shorter-length leggings, and delay your purchase for the full-length ones in fall and winter.

Knee-length Leggings
Woman Wearing Knee-length Leggings
Capri-length Leggings
Woman Wearing Capri-length Leggings

Ankle-length Leggings
Woman Wearing Ankle-length Leggings
Stirrup-length Leggings
Woman Wearing Stirrup-length Leggings
When worn with high-heeled shoes, ankle- and stirrup-length leggings work for all body types. As far as knee- and capri-length leggings are concerned, women with slim legs should definitely buy them. Women who are vertically challenged should stay away from capri-length leggings especially as they tend to cut you in half, making you seem shorter. While the length of the legging can be quite the determining factor according to your height, your body type is an important consideration. If you have a pear-shaped body and you definitely are convinced about wearing leggings, wear a darker colored one as it will make you look slimmer.

3. Know the Types Available

Besides the basic black, brown, tan, and gray-colored leggings, there are tons of different types available in the market today. You will find leggings in vibrant colors, patterns, and styles, like cropped, zip and paneled, velvet, glossy, split ankle, and many more.

Faux-leather Leggings
Woman Wearing Faux-leather Leggings
Plain Leggings
Woman Wearing Plain Leggings
Shiny Leggings
Woman Wearing Shiny Leggings

Patterned Leggings
Woman Wearing Patterned Leggings
Woman Wearing Jeggings
As leggings grow in popularity, many brands are targeting customers with different styles of leggings. You can try these leggings, and select the ones that'll make wonderful additions to your wardrobe.

4. Check the Material

With a variety in legging material, you need to figure out which one do you want to go for. You can find leggings made from Lycra and spandex blend, cotton, synthetic, and wool. Whether you wish to wear leggings as your everyday outfit or while exercising, consult a sales staff to help you find the right pair. Synthetic leggings are designed specifically for working out as the material keeps the wearer's legs dry and provides warmth for the muscles. Depending on your requirements, you should look for a material that is stretchy and form-fitting.

Leggings should be comfortable to the hilt. For this it is important that you check the stitching at the seams of the leggings. Bulky stitching will rub against your skin making it itchy. If you are worried about this, then opt for leggings which are lined. While warmer, they cover up seams, making the leggings more comfortable.

If you intend to wear the leggings as pants, then always pick a thick material and ensure that they are definitely not see-through in any way. For those who are on the curvaceous side, it may be a good idea to stick to slimming colors like black and brown.

5. Consult a Size Chart

Sheer Leggings Material

Always remember the mantra, "One size doesn't fit all." If any brand claims such a thing, do not buy their leggings. Every body is unique and requires a specific fit for any and all types of clothes; and leggings are no different.

So, the first thing you need to do is ask a sales staff to help with the measurements. Most leggings are not sized according to a number system but a large, medium, small system. This is the reason why different brands can fit differently. Consult the size chart that usually comes on the leggings package to determine which size you should pick. Once you have the size determined, take that pair along with a larger size to try in the fitting room. Now, what you need to do is walk around the fitting room to get a feel of the leggings. Is the material breathable? Can you walk properly in them? Sit in a chair to see whether the leggings don't stretch too much. [Look at the picture.] Whether you're sitting in a chair or standing, the leggings shouldn't be doing this: stretching out of proportion. If this is the case, the current size or material is not for you.

Pair your fantastic-looking leggings with cute shoes, tunics, and dresses. These guidelines or tips were a simple 'dos and don'ts' list that'll help you buy stylish and appropriate leggings for your body type.
Pretty young woman in black leggings
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