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Tips for Looking Good in Low Rise Jeans

Outstandingly Helpful Tips for Looking Good in Low Rise Jeans

Wish to have a signature style and can't sacrifice your pair of low rise jeans? This is the right place to know everything about how you can keep that pair and yet, look stunning. Read on, how to buy and wear the best ones!
Neha Rajan Deshmukh
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
One straight fact you must accept is that a pair of low rise jeans suit the best, only and only on those who have a perfectly shaped body, rather, a slender body. An apple shaped or a plum shaped one won't be able to feel the same comfort. These jeans are tight-fitting and worn below the navel. Hence, though it gives a classy look, it has to be worn in the right manner. A broad leather belt is the best accessory with such a pair of jeans.
Low Rise Jeans for the Perfectly Shaped
You are at an advantage when it comes to clothing. I am sure you must have taken great efforts to maintain your body in shape. Low waist jeans are an easy fit for you. It fits really well when you have a flat tummy and a flat lower abdomen. As this pair of jeans has a zipper which is only an inch long, it is pretty tight on the waist and hips. But, as you have got the right body, that won't be a matter of concern for you. Wear casual T-shirts that are just up to the belt. Don't wear extra long ones otherwise there won't be any point wearing a low rise jeans. After all, you would want to flaunt it, right? Wearing light colored formal shirts will add to your look. Girls can try wearing tank tops and halters. A cool leather jacket shall go well with it. Men can wear a body fitting shirt or a formal shirt with full sleeves to look cool. Usually, such a type of pair of jeans comes in dark colors like deep blue or black. Try avoiding buying light shades as they will surely hamper the look. Low rise jeans fit in such a way that they enhance your thighs and hips. No matter how perfect you are, you may want to hide that little bit of extra fat on the waist, won't you? Lighter shades won't allow you to do that. Instead, they will make you look a little fat from the bottom. One more advice I would give you is to actually sit down and see how the jeans fits and looks. It may sound a little weird, but mark my words, it helps. At least, you will avoid any sudden embarrassment! The problem with these jeans is that it may expose the back and the lower abdomen which some may find vulgar or provocative, depending on the personality. So, think over it and then buy or wear. Also, make sure you adjust the length of the jeans. For this, the best idea is to stand erect and tell somebody to measure the length from your waist to the toe. Alter the jeans exactly in the same way. Let it not touch the ground. Wear formal shoes or even regular slippers to mark an impression! I am sure you will look stunning!
Low Rise Jeans for 'Not-So-Perfect' Body Types
Firstly, do not be disheartened! There's always a way out. If you are in love with a low waist jeans, you can wear it. Now, if you want the jeans to fit you very well, the only way out is to hit the gym today itself. But, if you want to wear it just like that and are not in a mood to go for a figure correction program, then here are some tricks you can adopt and enjoy every bit of it. But, let me tell you a thing that these tricks are obviously temporary. You'll love the look when you actually get into that 'most desired' shape.
  • Buy one size larger than yours as the material shrinks most of the time after a wash and dry cycle.
  • Wear long tops or T-shirts to hide your waist to a good extent.
  • I will suggest you the same thing again, try sitting down or on a chair and see how low the jeans goes. Otherwise, your desire to flaunt may appear indecent.
  • Wear tops or shirts of darker shades to hide the fat on your tummy.
  • Another thing you can try doing is to wear a broad and tight elastic belt around your waist to tuck that fat in for some time. Such belts are easily available in the market these days.
So, when you plan to wear a low rise jeans, make sure you take care of the points above. I'll suggest the girls to wear heels and the guys to wear funky slippers with this pair of jeans if you have worn a casual cloth with it as it will make you look slimmer and taller. Don't forget to use the broad leather belt to add to the style. You'll look attractive and that is for sure!
Don't Forget
Lastly, all I would say is that plus size men and women should preferably avoid wearing a low rise jeans as it emphasizes the extra fat on their body. The fat tires on the lower abdomen will show up more when you wear it. But, if you simply can't take that, you will have to follow the tips above so that you look decent. One more thing to remember and which is very important is to think about the inner. Make sure they don't show from anywhere. For the same reason, when you wear a low rise jeans, stand erect and have a look at yourself from top to bottom to notice the faults. If you feel that you cannot hide the bottom inner, wear a longer top or a shirt and then see. It'll help.
I hope you liked the tips presented above. So, the ones who have that lovely body can go experimental and try out different looks, while those who are plums or apples can secretly hide their fat and get into a proper shape later on!