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Types of Thumb Rings for Women

Various Types of Thumb Rings for All the Beautiful Women Out There

Want to buy yourself a new ring to wear in the thumb? Take a look at the different types of thumb rings and what they mean.
Neha Joshi
Last Updated: Mar 6, 2018
Today, several types of rings are worn by both men and women. However, you'll be surprised to know that thumb rings were worn by both men and women since ancient times. There are many different types and varieties in thumb rings like Celtic, sterling silver, etc. You can experiment with all these varieties and types, to see which one suits you the best. However, understand the meaning of that ring before you decide to wear it regularly.
Celtic Thumb Rings
These have probably been the oldest thumb rings. These date back to ancient times when rings were worn to show hierarchy by men and women. The more the hierarchy, the more elaborate the design. The basic meaning of these thumb rings will be the meaning of the Celtic design it represents.
Sterling Silver Thumb Rings
Women who want to wear a ring in their thumbs and keep it simple, usually opt for sterling silver thumb rings. These are cheaper than the gold one's; you can thus, experiment more with the designs. Since it comes cheaper than gold, you can add more to the design if you wish to. You can get these rings from almost all jewelry shops and silver stores. If you don't want to wear something expensive and not something that is fake, these rings are your best bet.
Gold Thumb Rings
Gold thumb rings are the only rings that are worn by very few women since gold is one of the most expensive metals. These rings look best when worn only as a band and that's what most women do. If you like wearing a ring in your thumb and don't want it to look very flashy, make sure it's very delicate; avoid a stone altogether. Gold thumb rings are not very trendy but they do have their own exotic look.
Meaningful Thumb Rings
Meaningful thumb rings are those thumb rings which have a particular meaning of their own. In olden times, rings were worn according to the hierarchy, as I have mentioned before. Then, in some parts of the world, it is believed that women who wear a thumb ring in their right hand agree to sexual relationships. It is also believed that thumb rings worn in the left thumb represent faith, trust, and hope, whereas those worn in the right hand thumb indicate that you believe in a practical approach to everything in life.
I hope you have a better, clear idea about thumb rings for women, and about their significance, after reading this article. It will surely help you to choose the best ring for yourself. Do not forget to take extra care when you are wearing rings made up of silver and gold as they require cleaning from time to time.
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