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Thumb Ring Meaning

Thumb Ring Meaning
Wearing a thumb ring can mean different things in different cultures. Here are information on some of the most popular meanings associated with these rings.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
Apart from being a fashion statement, wearing a ring in each finger has a symbolic meaning of its own. Thumb rings are the latest jewelry fad these days. As the name suggests, it is a ring worn in either of the two thumbs, by both men as well as women. One may not be aware, but, wearing a thumb ring is quite an ancient custom.
What Does a Thumb Ring Symbolize?
Status Symbol
In ancient times, a thumb ring was used as a status symbol and worn only by men. The higher the rank, more elaborate and heavy was the ring. Usually, women did not wear a thumb ring. But, they donned the ring of their husband as a memory, if they were killed on the battlefield. Similarly, in some parts of the world, a thumb ring signified military status or rank.
A thumb ring is basically used to protect the thumb during archery. It was used for the same purpose in ancient and medieval times. Rings used for archery were large in size. On the other hand, in Europe, it was a tradition for doctors to wear a thumb ring. In certain parts of the world, it was even believed that a woman wearing a ring in her right thumb signified that she was open to sexual relationships.
Expression of Thought
In modern times, these rings signify liberty and emancipation. They also stand for the virtues associated with liberty, like courage and strength. Wearing a ring in left thumb stands for hope, faith, and trust; whereas, wearing a right thumb ring symbolizes intellect, rationality, and logic. Couples are also found to wear thumb rings to pledge love, duty, and responsibility.
Sexual Orientation
Another peculiar symbolism of a thumb ring is the determination of the wearer's sexual orientation. There is a queer belief in some parts of the world, that a thumb ring is worn only by homosexuals, i.e., wearing this ring means the wearer is in a same-sex relationship. On the other hand, in other parts of the world , it is believed that wearing a left thumb ring means that the person is in a relationship or is open to a relationship; whereas, wearing a ring in right thumb means he is single.
Due to several beliefs and hearsay, it may seem difficult to decide whether to wear a thumb ring or not. You can leave aside the meanings and wear it just for fashion, or for the expression of thought. As there are several thumb ring patterns and designs available, you will surely want to flaunt one. You can get rings of gold, platinum, metal or even plastic, in different price ranges. Engraved metallic rings are more popular among the youth. Although the meanings differ, thumb rings are never outdated.
Therefore, we can see that significance of a thumb ring is found in nearly all fields of life and society. You can either have a thumb ring for expressing any of the aforementioned thoughts or, simply put the meanings aside and wear it as a fashion symbol!
Disclaimer: The various thumb ring meanings mentioned above are a compilation of popular expressions found in various cultures.