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Opting Thigh-high Stockings: Look Steamy Without Looking Sleazy

Puja Lalwani Mar 17, 2019
Thigh-high stockings are back in style, and if you want to sport these too, here's how to choose and wear these sexy items of women's clothing.
Because of the way they have been traditionally portrayed, you may probably have a very negative approach towards thigh-high stockings. While this is one of the many mindsets within which these clothing items have been viewed traditionally, you also ought to know that these sexy pieces of clothing can look glamorous without looking cheap.
Thigh-high stockings used to be a thing of the past, till they came back and ruled the fashion runway this fall. These are definitely back in style, and are being carried and worn by women of all ages with elegance, panache, and confidence.
As one of the best items of winter clothing for women, thigh-high stockings are sexy, smart, and are for the woman who believes in herself, has oodles of confidence, and trusts her style.

How to Choose Thigh-high Stockings

Thigh-high stockings can look good on anyone, provided that she is confident in them, and can carry off herself with style. However, this takes a bit of trial and error. You have to try out various varieties to find out which one fits best and how good it looks on you.
While you may believe that thigh-high stockings look good on women who are slender, there is no rule that says these can't be worn by larger women. As mentioned earlier, plus-size clothing is available among all clothing varieties, and it is only how much you believe you can look good in it that will actually have you look good in it.
Thigh-high stockings are different from thigh-high socks. The latter are simply socks that go up to the thigh. They are opaque and not transparent like stockings, and they come in several prints that is rarely found with thigh-high stockings.
There are about three varieties of thigh-high stockings. The first is the one held up by a garter belt. The garter has about four to six straps with metal hooks that hold up the stockings. Considered to be very sexy, these are usually a preferred choice among many women.
Another type of is known as hold up. These are stockings that are meant to remain in place without any support, by means of an elastic band at the end. Finally, stockings with a single seam are also a great choice for women who think they can pull these off. These are also worn with garter belts and are known to be the sexiest of them all.

How to Wear Thigh-high Stockings

While one would assume that thigh-high stockings are meant only for the bedroom, you are greatly mistaken. These can be worn under short dresses and skirts too, to make a gorgeous fashion statement. If you take a look into any fashion magazine or website, you will find models walking down the ramp in this sultry women's clothing item.
Ideally, women may choose to wear black stockings as these are the safest, and can be worn with almost anything. Any bright colors should be reserved for the bedroom, as these may look simply outrageous in any other setting.
Now that you know how you can wear thigh-high stockings and pull them off, what are you waiting for. Believe in yourself and your style, and go get yourself a pair right now!