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Flaunt Those Thigh-High Socks This Season and Look a Fashionista

Rimlee Bhuyan Apr 14, 2019
Thigh-high socks are a unique fashion invention that has become very popular, especially among celebrities and youngsters. Here are some tips on how to wear these the right way.
Thigh-high socks are great for the winter season, when nylon stockings do not provide you with enough warmth. They are a cool fashion trend with various designs like plain, striped, patterned, and many more.
However, it takes the right attitude and outfit to pull them off. They provide a lot of scope for experimentation, and give an edgy look to a person's attire.

Thigh-high Socks for Women

Women who like to wear preppy clothes, and who are into fashion, will be able to pull of these socks with comparative ease. Since they do not go well with all types of fashion wear, you need to select your apparel carefully.
While choosing a pattern for them, make sure that it flatters your body shape and type. Even the footwear that you pair with them is very important. Wearing the wrong shoes will completely ruin the look that you are aiming for.
They are available in many patterns, with stripes being the most popular one. Stripes in contrasting colors like purple and orange, or brown and green, should be worn with plain and neutral-colored clothing, for a balanced and harmonious look.
Likewise, if you are wearing a colorful outfit, then the socks should be of a single, solid-colored pattern, preferably in neutral colors like black, beige, or navy blue. The best way to wear these is to pair them with mini skirts or high-waist shorts.
They even look great with playsuits and thigh-length jumpsuits. You can wear them with soft, floating ankle-length dresses. They will peek out from under your dress, and give your outfit a bit of color and flair.
Unlike stockings that need garters to keep them up, these have elastic bands that keep them in place, which makes it even more convenient to wear them. Another good pattern available is those that come with lace edges, as it gives a quirky look to any outfit. This pattern is best paired with soft, floral dresses, and minis.
They are available in a wide variety of different quality fabrics. However, always choose the best quality ones. Although they might be more expensive, they will last for a longer time.
The cheaper ones might lose their elasticity after a few washes. To preserve their color, texture, and look, it is best to hand wash them with a mild detergent in lukewarm water. Washing them in the machine might stretch the fabric and make it loose.
They should preferably be worn with pumps, boots, or Mary Jane shoes, and not with sandals, gladiators, or peep toe heels, as the styles will clash and mar the look of the outfit. With the right clothes and shoes, thigh-high socks can be made to look stylish and chic.