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Information about Theatrical Contact Lens

Know about these lenses, used for special effects.
Sonia Nair Oct 6, 2018
Do you remember the green eyes of 'The Hulk', or the scary eyes of those monsters and vampires often portrayed in Hollywood movies? The effect they created added up to the effectiveness of these characters on screen.
Such effects, achieved through use of special contact lenses; helped the actors reflect the real emotions of the characters, which in turn fascinated people to a very large extent. Hence, these lenses came to be known as theatrical lenses.
People have always been in love with Hollywood characters, whom they try to imitate. So, theatrical contact lenses became part of their fashion statement. Initially, such contact lenses were meant for actors only, and common people did not have access to this accessory.
However, nowadays, they are available in the market, in numerous designs, patterns, and colors. People use these lenses either to imitate popular characters of Hollywood movies, or to draw attention and create an effect, on special occasions like costume parties or gatherings.
One such occasion, where these lenses are most commonly used, are Halloween parties. You can place an order for custom theatrical lenses for a special occasion; but beware, it can be an expensive affair. Most of these lenses do not cover the pupil, so that vision is not affected.

Different Types

There are many types of theatrical lenses, which vary in size, shape, color, and design. They are used as per the occasion, or to gel with a particular costume, or just for fun. The different types include wild eye contacts, black sclera contacts, cat eye contacts, vampire contacts, and Riddick contacts.
>>Wild eye contacts are the most popular theatrical contact lenses, which have some of the craziest designs. The popular ones in this category include designs, like jaguar, wildfire, zebra, and alien.
>>Another popular variety is the black sclera contacts, which cover the entire eye (both eyeball and the white of the eye). They are larger than other types of contact lenses and create a scary effect. It is a tedious task to insert these big lenses into the eyes, and it is not recommended to wear such lenses for more than five hours a day.
>>Cat eye contact lenses have designs just like a cat's eye. This does not come over the pupil.
>>Vampire contact lenses were initially available in red color only, as vampires were portrayed with red eyes. However, the scenario has changed, and vampire contacts are now available in shades, like golden
>>The origin of Riddick contacts is based on the character of Vin Diesel from the movie: The Chronicles of Riddick. Riddick sported a silver eye, which glowed in the dark. These lenses cover the entire eye and create a mirror reflection effect. They are also known as mirrored contact lenses.
All these lenses are available in optical shops. It is always recommended to use disposable ones, which are safer. It would be better to seek the advice of an optometrist regarding use of theatrical lenses, if you intend to buy them.
If you have vision problems, like refractive errors, prescription correction lenses are the best bet. Non-prescription designs called 'Plano' can be used by people, who have no vision problems.
It is very important to take care of your eyes by maintaining your theatrical lenses, and keeping them clean. You should keep individual pairs in different cases, and not in a single case.
Multipurpose solution, meant for soft contact lenses, can be used to clean theatrical lenses. Always clean your hands before handling the lens. Contact lenses, whether theatrical or normal, should never be shared with any other person. These measures will not only help to prevent eye infections, but will also ensure that your lenses stay clean.