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Teen Fashion Trends for Summer

What's In, What's Out? Look at the Teen Fashion Trends for Summer

Teen fashion is now a separate segment of haute couture. Teenagers are no more the scapegoats of the in-between trends, often lost between adult and children's wear. Teen fashion trends for summer, are hotter than those that walk the ramps, and more defined in the sense of individuality.
Gaynor Borade
Last Updated: Mar 6, 2018
Flared style skirts
The 21st century teenager is no more coy about sharing views on clothing and accessories. In fact, teen fashion trends are preludes to what adorns the ramp in the 'adult fashion' genre. Teenagers are bolder, smarter, and more defined in their sense of fashion, now than ever before. Clothing for teenagers is being sold off the rack online, as well as offline. Teenagers around the world are not only among the foremost buyers of trendy apparel, but are also the most demanding!
Trendy teen clothing is catered to by a separate segment. The clothes, especially summer trends, are designed keeping in mind their demand for:
  • Apparel that can be worn at formal and informal dos.
  • Fabrics that don't need the bother of ironing and following special washing instructions.
  • Designs that reflect their bold and rebellious nature.
  • Patterns that enable them to flaunt well-toned bodies.
Summer Fashion for the Trendy Teenager
Teen girl posing
The summer apparel line for teenagers of both genders is designed for swapping and meeting the demand for semi-formals. The all-time favorites of this 'cool' age group remains denims and jeans.
Female clothes set
Teen fashion trends for summer include a mix and match of fabrics, patterns, and colors. The combination of light and heavy fabrics, loose upper or lower apparel, and vibrant and subtle hues are not uncommon at all. 
While the males prefer to flaunt the casual look even at formal venues, their female counterparts thrust the onus on jewelry to make up for the missing satins and silks. Trends for males include:
  • High waters or shpants designed in denim.
  • Khakis - shorts and shirts.
Wrinkle free pants and jackets
  • Wrinkle-free pants and jackets.
Crimped fashion jeans
  • Crimped, faded, and/or motif jeans.
Half-sleeved fashion
  • T-shirts and half-sleeved regulars.
The young women definitely have more options than the males. Trends for females include:
  • Dresses; short, long, or flowing.
Woman in capris
  • Jeans of varying lengths, from shorts to capris, or pedal-pushers to the traditional full-length.
Skin clinging skirts style
  • Flared or skin-clinging skirts of varying lengths, from micro minis to ankle-length wraparounds.
  • Blouses and tops of varying lengths, from the regular waist length to the midriff revealing tube-tops, and knee-length pull-overs.
Woman looking at Jewelry
Today, teenagers demand more than apparel to define their sense of fashion. The other components that make up summer trends for teenagers include:
  • An exclusive range of jewelry.
Branded footwear
  • Open and closed 'branded' footwear.
Woman in bandana
  • Headgear, such as bandanas.
Flashy stoles
  • Flashy stoles, flaunted by both the genders.
Spikes hairstyle
  • Hairstyles that reflect their attitude, like spikes and flats.
Summer trends for teenagers are rife with pocket designs that enable them to move around hands-free. These pockets are used more for gizmos than money. Their sense of fashion is defined by a line of apparel that is not only functional, but also very eloquent. Young girls now have a whole new line of 'summer dresses' to choose from. The dresses are fashioned in accordance to the preference surveys conducted by Vogue, Twist Mag, and Cosmo Girl, among a host of other teen-exclusives.
Teenagers are now flaunting designs by designers who cater exclusively to this age group. The designers keep in mind, the teen level of awareness towards global issues while designing motifs and fabric graffiti. The range of teen clothing options is characterized by the use of environment-safe fabrics, 'green' styles, and expressions of individuality. Teen fashion trends are expressions of a universal community that thrives on independence, freedom of opinion, and most importantly, the uniqueness of every individual.