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Trendy Ideas for Tea Length Dresses

Rimlee Bhuyan Oct 06, 2018
Tea length dresses have made a comeback, and they are not just for brides anymore. Some of the most flattering designs and styles of these dresses are discussede here.
Old fashion keeps coming in. Currently trending are the 50's tea length garbs, where the hemline ends anywhere below the knees to the calf. There are varieties of these, but the length remains the same. Mad Men inspired dresses are in vogue unlike the past when they were worn by brides/bridesmaids which have made their foray into the casuals too.


There are many designs and styles of these dresses to choose from. They are also available in a wide variety of fabrics like silk, satin, velvet, superfine net, lace, organza, cotton, and linen. The type of fabric you choose will have a bearing on the drape and fall of the dress. A-line dress best suits women wanting to cover larger hips and thighs.
The dress is fitted at the top with any kind of neckline from a V to halter, and then falls straight from the waist.
Cotton, raw silk, and duponi silk are some fabrics that look great with such designs. These dresses are great for garden parties.
Strapless tea length dresses are popular and are favored by bridesmaids. They have a strapless design with a narrow or flaring skirt.
Jewel toned colors like emerald, electric blue and amethyst are good choices for such designs and can be worn as cocktail dresses. Such dresses are very feminine and the strapless style is balanced by the modest length of the dress. This makes them perfect for weddings.
Many designers offer an array of tea length wedding dresses in fabrics like taffeta, jacquard, lace, and satin which are just right for a casual or semi-formal wedding. The added benefits of wearing a wedding dress of this length are that it is comfortable and gives the bride more mobility.
Shift dress-like patterns are also quite in vogue. When these dresses are paired with modest heels and a jacket, they look great to wear at work. The length of these dresses is appropriate and suitable to wear at work.
One important thing to remember when choosing a tea length outfit for work is to stick to a neutral color palette and to avoid any loud prints. Printed dresses are suitable for a garden party.
These dresses have evolved from the quintessential bridal wear to a fashion essential. There are even plus size dresses for those women who are on the heavier side. Tea length dresses are here to stay, and it makes sense to have one of them in your wardrobe.