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Walk Tall and Enthrall! Essential Tips on Clothing for Tall Women

Mamta Mule Jun 18, 2019
Clothing needs to be chosen carefully for taller women. A wrong outfit can make you look too tall, thin and obviously unattractive. So, don a killer look by following a few simple tips given here.
Being tall might make you disappointed while choosing the clothing for yourself. You might think that your height leaves you with less options in fashion clothing. Moreover, it becomes essential that you consider your figure and how the dress would fit over your body.
It might make you look unattractive and too tall. No matter what your body shape is, apple, hourglass or pear, why not to think of taking the benefit of your height? So, all you need to do is, choose the right style of clothes, opt for the perfect size, and you are sure to look like a tall model!

Choosing the Right Clothes

First thing is to go for a perfect fit clothing. Loose fitting clothes will give you an uneven look. It will affect your entire appearance. So, it's important to check out the fitting. Also, there are a few tips in the next section, which will help you pick up the correct footwear, and enhance your outfits.


The things to consider while opting for pants or skirts is the length and the style. Pants and skirts that hug your hips will look great on your body. Choose pants that are low-rise. Also, stay away from the tapering pants. These will make your legs appear too long.
While choosing shorts, go for banded shorts. Cuff pants and capris look great on tall women. Knee length pants and bermuda shorts, the wardrobe must-haves look best on you if you are tall.
They also cut the length of your legs, and give a nice look to your personality. Short bottoms look great when paired with flats. In case of short skirts you must go for tall shoes, these will help maintain the balance between covered and bare legs.
While you choose a skirt, make sure the cuts fall perfect over your body. Peasant skirts are one of the best clothing items that look classy on taller girls. You can also choose to have the long formal skirt with a cut from the knees. Knee length formal skirts, a perfect part of women's business clothing, look better than the long ones.


There is a wide variety of tall, plus-size clothes from which, you can choose one fitting you well, and suiting you the best. Taller ladies must opt for tops that will fall over the pants and skirts. This will help you give an illusion of a perfectly proportioned figure. Also, be careful with the colors. An entire outfit should not look too colorful.
Same rule for the shoes, match them either with bottoms or the top. Go for tops with collars, bows, seam lines, etc. A Full-sleeves shirt looks decent on tall females.
Bias cut outfits look great, as they hang from your curves giving you a sexier look. Bias cut frocks that are 4-5 inches below the knees look very graceful. You can wear pencil heel ankle shoes on such outfits that will give you the perfect look. Dropping collars, boat necklines, are also a good option.

Other Essentials

A perfect outfit will look really perfect with the right undergarments. Make sure you go for the ones that will suit the clothing and enhance its style. Consider the colors and material of the clothing before buying the undergarments.
Funky accessories are something you can't miss out. Long necklaces and broad bracelets are sure to grace up your attire. Make sure you choose the right colors, and don't lead to a mis-match look!
Apart from the given tips, you can also check out the catalogs and fashion magazines for some additional guidelines on clothing. Finding a marvelous outfit is possible even for tall personalities, but you definitely need to take trials, and look in the mirror from all angles. After all these efforts, you are sure to have an amazing look.