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In-depth Details About Taking Care of Your Mother of Pearl Jewelry

Taking Care of Your Mother of Pearl Jewelry
Mother of pearl is iridescent and firm. Apart from using it in jewelry, it is used to create a lot of home decor items. Maintaining your mother of pearl jewelry is fairly easy, provided you don't use anything that may damage the nacre.
Ashmeet Bagga
Last Updated: Mar 1, 2018
Did You Know?
The Ancient Egyptians used mother of pearl to produce cartouches and beads.
Mother of pearl also known as nacre is an iridescent layer which makes the shell lining of many mollusks. It is a layer of minerals which forms inside many of mollusk shells such as oysters, mussel, abalone, and paua. The word nacra is derived from the Arabic word naqqarah which means shell. The outer layer of pearl and the inside layer of pearl oyster is made of nacre.
The reason why mother of pearl is formed inside the mollusks is because they produce these pearls to defend against certain bacterial infections and organisms. Apart from this, they also reduce irritation and prevent damaging of the shell when any sand or dust particle enters the shell.
The dust particle is enclosed by layers of nacre, which makes it harmless. This may result in an unattached spherical shape structure, which in human language is a pearl. Although it comes in a variety of colors, it is often dyed and bleached to meet the production purpose. The dye still retains the shimmering look which these pearls naturally possess. It is very strong and resilient, yet can be easily scratched and chipped. It was widely used in ancient times in the form of jewelry, furniture, musical instruments, some even integrate it into tiles although this is very rare now.
Mother of pearl jewelry
Mother of pearl adds a classic and contemporary touch to any brooch, pins, and pendants. It is an affordable option among other gemstones, but still proper care is required to prolong the life of your investment. Follow the below given steps to take care of mother of pearl jewelry to always keep it glistening.
Mother Of Pearl Jewelry Care
► One of the easiest ways to care for your pearl is to wear them! Wearing your mother of pearl necklace, bracelet, earrings, or anything will keep it looking fabulous. Natural oils in our skin will certainly help to maintain and retain the luster of the gem. This oil also helps to prevent the pearl from drying out.
► Avoid the exposure of mother of pearl to coarse chemicals. Perfumes, citrus juice, any type of soap may contain harsh chemicals and which can be degrading to mother of pearl.

► So if you are planning to wash utensils remove your jewelry. Also, don't spray perfume on your neck, if you are wearing a mother of pearl necklace or earrings.

► Acidic and alkaline products like baking soda, vinegar, and alcohol should be kept away from mother of pearl jewelry.
► Cleaning your mother of pearl jewelry is not a hard job. Just don't clean it with harsh cleaners which you may use for other gemstones. Use a special jewelry cleaning cloth to wipe dust, grime, and any fingerprints.
► To clean mother of pearl jewelry, wipe it with a soft, damp, microfiber cloth. This will help to clean light dust from the jewelry without damaging the fragile surface.

► If your jewelry needs to be cleaned, then you can use warm, soapy water and a soft brush to clean the accessory.
► For more intense cleaning, mix a little amount of jeweler's rouge or French chalk ground with tiny amount of water. Mix until it's thick and properly integrated. Slather the mixture on the jewelry with the help of a toothbrush, and wipe it using a soft tissue paper.

► Followed by wiping it with a damp cloth, immerse it out in warm soapy water and make sure to dry the piece properly.
► Caring for your jewelry also includes storing them well after use. Don't toss mother of pearl jewelry into a pile of gemstones or other jewelry. Instead keep them in a cotton or silk pouch separately. This will prevent the jewelry from getting scratched or chipped.

► Also mother of pearl jewelry should be kept out of direct sunlight. You can store it in a humid part of your house like your bathroom cabinet or in front of a humidifier to avoid the shell from drying out.
Mother of pearl is a beautiful and natural treasure which can last a lifetime and you can pass them down to the next generation, only if you take due care of the jewelry.
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