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Sunglasses Storage Ideas

Are you the proud owner of many a pair of stylish sunglasses, but are short of space in your wardrobe? Are you looking for innovative ways to store your Ray-Bans and Oakleys in your closet, or display your amazing collection for all to see? Whatever's on your mind, this article would be of immense help to you, for it's all about some cool storage ideas for sunglasses.
Fashionhance Staff
Sunglasses serve as a fashion accessory and donning a cool pair can add instant glamor to your look. The many brands of sunglasses available in the market today have left us spoiled for choice! As a result, some of us end up with a huge collection, but fall short of ideas when it comes to storage. Here you'll find some interesting ways to store them, including some out-of-the-box ideas as well.
How to Store Sunglasses
Conventional ways of storing sunglasses might be few but with a little creativity, you can come up with many innovative ideas. Which one you choose depends on the number of pairs you own and if you are in for experimenting with new ideas. Just have a look!
Sunglasses on Hats, Anyone?
Do you have a good collection of wide-brimmed hats lying around in your closet? Well, then placing your sunglasses on them can be a good idea indeed. This way you can not only prevent scratches on your shades but also put your hats to good use! You can even figure out which pair complements which hat to create a particular look and keep them together. This way it would be easy to spot them every time you step out of the house for a brunch with your friends or for a game of volleyball on the beach. However, this idea may not work out if you have too many pairs or a very few number of hats, or if limited space in your closet does not allow you store your hats in a row, one next to the other.
sunglasses with hat
Sunglasses with cap
Store it as a Store Does!
Have you ever noticed how they keep the sunglasses on display in a store? Well, it looks something like what you see in the picture on the left. Cool, isn't it? How about making a similar arrangement for your coolest sunglasses, at home? All you need to do is make a similar stand out of metal or wood. You can even order one online. Once you have the stand, just place your sunglasses on it. You can either place this arrangement on a corner of your dressing table or inside your closet. Either way you'll be happy to see all your prized pairs so neatly put together. So, if you are a proud owner of several pairs of expensive goggles, investing a little on such a stand wouldn't be a bad idea after all!
Shopping for glasses
Glasses on display
Go for a Sunglasses Case
Many would agree that this is the best way to store your shades, protecting them from dust, scratches or any kind of damage. You can either choose to store your sunglasses in the very case you purchased them in, or else you can get a case that is custom-made. To store several pairs in an organized way, you can get a box with many small compartments within (as shown in the image on the left).
Sunglasses in leather case
Embellish Your Bag!
Remember that huge tote lying in your closet, which you bought while on an impulsive shopping spree? Even if you can't call yourself an impulsive shopper, you'll probably be having at least one bag that you have grown out of, or which you do not use very often. You might not have given it a thought before, but when it comes to the problem of storing sunglasses, such a bag can come to your rescue! Just fix a hook on the rear wall of your closet and let the bag hang on it. Now, unzip the bag and place your sunglasses one by one on the sides. As you can see, it is also a great way to carry them. You can also choose to place the pairs such that the glasses are facing the inside of the bag.
Vacation glasses bag
Vacation glasses
Fasten to a Wire Grid
Another great idea to organize your sunglasses is to suspend them in a row from a wire grid or a rope. If you own a few pairs, you can let them hang from a pretty ribbon or string tied to one of the walls in your room. This way they will be open for all to look and admire! However, hanging them in the open might cause dust to accumulate on them, making it necessary for you to clean them more often. The best option is to fasten some sort of wire or string inside your closet and place your glasses on it. This is one of the best methods to store sunglasses, simply because you can store as many pairs as you want, this way. The image on the right shows colorful sunglasses fastened to a grid, while the one on the left shows ones in different designs and colors, displayed in a similar fashion.
Make "Someone Else" Wear it!
When we say you can make someone wear  it, we are referring to plastic mannequin heads that you come across on display windows in stores! Note that this works only if you have a few pairs as you definitely wouldn't want to have too many plastic heads on your dressing table, would you? Besides, getting plastic heads from the market just for the sake of displaying sunglasses on them, is not worth it. Only if you already have one that you use for placing wigs and such stuff on, can you go ahead with this idea.
Mannequin with hat
White Mannequin With Sunglasses
In addition to the ideas discussed above, there are many other ways in which you can store your sunglasses. A particularly nice idea would be, to hang a crochet fabric on your wall and hang them on it. And yes, if you have a few other interesting ways to store them, do let us know!