Sunglasses Reviews

Sunglasses Reviews

Here you'll see sunglasses reviews that will help you figure out which one will complement your face and your sartorial needs. Sunglasses are a necessity as they protect our eyes from harsh UV rays that the sun emanates. We delve into all your queries about what suits you best...
Your eyes need to be taken care of with the kind of protection you give your skin. If applying sunscreen is of great importance, then wearing sunglasses is just as much. UV rays can cause damage to one's eyes if directly exposed to the sun's rays. Therefore it is imperative that you wear them to protect your vision from the glaring sunlight. We cover the best in sunglasses for men and women, while also giving you in-depth information on why you must invest in a good pair of shades.

Designer Sunglasses for Men and Women

We spot so many people with different kinds of shades in a variety of colors and shapes, who pick up random sunglasses off a rack without knowing the science of it all. Picking out the right shades and putting your money to good use is what you will discover as you proceed from here. It isn't only about what you think is good for you, but also how it'll help you protect your eyes, rendering a versatile nature to go hand in hand with your garb. This also covers sunglasses specifications along with the sunglasses reviews, to highlight the many features it possesses. For a great steal and offers you just can't say no to, buy these sunglasses from online, going through a trusted portal of course.

*Prices subject to change

Bvlgari 80385
The Bvlgari 80385 comes in a thick and bold acetate with softened curves. It also incorporates Swarovski crystal work into the frame structure, in a circular pattern along the arms of the sunglasses. It is a limited edition and comes in colors of black and tortoise.
Price: $477.383

Emporio Armani 9665
The thick acetate comes in either matte or a glossy finish, and is rectangular in shape. It is of medium size with curvy edges. The temples are wide, giving it a spaced-out appearance, with the top thinning out as it approaches the ends. The eagle emblem that symbolizes the brand, is inscribed in metal. Nose pads are built into the frames, giving one's nose comfortable padding. It is medium in size and comes in colors of matte black and yellow, blue, black and red and shiny black.
Price: $177.879

Chanel 5184
This takes shape in an acetate quilt, with over-sized lens that sport the signature double C logo at the temple. Inspired by Chanel oriented chicness, it comes in dark and subtle tones of gloss black, ice gradient, dark havana, brown and plum violet gradient.
Price: $284.542

Gucci 3141
It embodies an eighties look, giving off a sporty facade as well, made from optyl - making it lightweight in nature. It comes in large plastic frames that take on an aviator form. It holds the Gucci logo at the temples, with crystal variations that come with fuchsia pink highlights in the grips. Gucci has included a new add-on to their sunglasses range by scribbling its signature across the lens, upping its style quotient. It comes in colors of black and red.
Price: $181.95

Dior Diormitza 3
This is showcased in a large acetate frame with glossy contours that give off a gradient tint in the lenses. It is enhanced with UV ray protection lenses with built-in nose pads. It is lightweight in nature and comes in colors of brown, icehawk, blue, havana burgundy and dark havana beige blue.
Price: $278.250

Tom Ford FT0035 Charles
The epitome of style has got to be consistent, and fashion-forward household name, Tom Ford. Keeping up with the times, without losing his edge on what's chic and unique to his line of shades, Tom Ford has a collection any guy would be lucky to own. The model has an aviator-esque look to it, making it versatile for any face shape, with nosepads, a metal frame and a cleaning case that comes along with the sunglasses. Be sure to also take a sneak peek into his famous collections - the pilot metal frame, and Peter frames line. Colors available in rose gold (brown metal bridge bar/striped brown tip/brown gradient), and palladium (striped black temple tip/smoke gradient lens).
Price: $294

Dolce & Gabbana DG2057
This must-have piece is perfect for those who wish for style and simplicity in one pair. It comes with slim metal sides, and is available in colors of black and gray gradient. Be sure to check out their other super slick models, like D& G DD6047 and D& G DD6079.
Price: $176

Oakley Half Jacket
For an understated machismo look, try out these Oakley frames made from O matter material, with earstocks, and grip anchors made from Unobtanium. It comes with a soft case to help keep your sunglasses safe and scratch-free. The model also helps keep the sunglasses mounted, without slipping off due to sweat. Colors available for this model come in jet black/black iridium polarized lenses, polished black/OO red iridium polarized lenses, brown smoke/tungsten iridium polarized lenses, matte white/jade iridium, Asian fit/jet black/black iridium lenses, and jet black/fire iridium lenses.
Price: $110

Fendi FS5119
Luxe eyewear should never be comprised on, for a good pair of reliable shades are a much-needed accessory. The model is also suitable for women, who wish to have a more masculine edge to their pair, than going with something more feminine, like say the classy Fendi FS5141, or the suave Fendi FS5178. Colors available for the FS5119, are palladium, brik, white matt, cream, black, and fuxia.
Price: $209

Types of Sunglass Lenses

Sunglass lenses come in a variant of lens types (tints); compare the different kinds and see what suits your eyes best; it is advisable to ask an optician that would know what to suggest.

It blocks blue light and generally has amber lenses. It is said that blue light may be harmful and can increase the risk of damaging one's eyes with macular degeneration. It can be used by skiers, boaters, pilots and hunters since the contrast is peaked.

Polarized/Anti-reflective Coated
They fend off reflective glare from the sun. Polarized lenses are commonly used by those who indulge in snow and water sports. Anti-reflective coated lenses reduce glare created by light reflecting off the back surface of your sunglasses.

Mirror-coated/Flash Coated
The amount of light that enters your eyes is limited so that one is more comfortable. It's coated on the front of the sunglasses, controlling how much light passes through the lenses. It incorporates all colors including copper metallics, silver and gold. Almost all colors are available. The color you select won't alter your color vision, it is the tinted lens that is under the coating that determines how the mirrored sunglasses affect your perception of color.

It is tinted from the top down, with the top portion being the darkest. These are suitable for driving as they shield one's eyes from direct sunlight and allow light through the bottom of the lens so as to see the dashboard clearly.

Double Gradient
These lenses are also tinted, but from the bottom up, where the top and bottom are the darkest with the middle consisting of a lighter tint. It is perfect for those who don't want sunglasses that are too dark. It shields one's eyes from bright sunlight and reflected light from sand, water and other surfaces with reflectiveness at ground level.

These lens adjust the level of darkness depending upon the amount of ultraviolet rays that they are exposed to. These lens darken when light hits its surface, automatically creating a sunglasses effect. These are best suited for normal eye glasses with photochromatic lens that can be used indoors and outdoors as well, since they lighten up and resume transparency when away from the sun.

Reviews of sunglasses are always concise, especially when the companies are setting markets ablaze with new ranges that either use past inspirations or create new ones that place theirs a step above others. Make it a habit to step out of the house with a pair of sunglasses; you don't want the repercussions of your carefree routine to affect you in the future. It's never too late to buy those shades that will not only protect your eyes, but also give you a chance to amp your attire.