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Jazz Up Your Style With Adorably Fashionable Suede Boots

Mamta Mule Jun 18, 2019
Suede boots are one of the popular footwear amongst most of the men and women. These come in a number of styles and colors, and you can definitely find one to suit your needs and grace up your attire.
When you add footwear to give a finishing touch to your attire, it needs to be, really, the perfect ones. Well, you might have a variety of boots, but you cannot miss on those suede ones. Yes, these are definitely a must-have for men and women alike.
They give a unique touch to your appearance. What's more, you can find a pair of suede for almost any occasion - formal, casual, or semi-casual. To put it simply, it is all about wearing the right ones on an outfit.

For Men

Formal boots that are available in slip-on or laced-up style are popular. These look classy on formal or semi-formal attire. Decent shades in green and brown make the best footwear for formal pants.
Ankle-length varieties available in semi-formal and casual styles are also opted by many, which look simply awesome.
Ankle hiking boots in suede leather are one of the best pieces that men can wear on cool full, half, or calf-length cargo, or khakis. These are definitely one of the best casual footwear adored by most of the men.

For Women

For women, they come in a variety of styles and perfectly, grace up their lovely look. They can be worn in playhouses, nightclubs, shopping malls and almost everywhere. The ankle-length varieties are comfortable, which can be paired with jeans or tights.
Knee-high black boots are the best to be worn on skinny jeans for a fun evening. This style will give you a sleek and stunning look. Thigh-high and knee-high varieties look great with short skirts for nightouts.
You can opt for the extremely comfy suede hiking boots for a trek or long walks. Suede cowboy varieties are something that you, as a woman, must have. These come in classic colors and embellishments that give them a perfect feminine touch.
The knee-high suede cowboy boots can be best paired with an old denim or long skirt, ending at mid-calf. You can opt for a decent pair of ankle-length boots on a formal attire. All of these come in a number of colors, sure to surprise you.

Cleaning the Boots

Once you own a pair, maintaining them is very essential. Start by brushing dry the boots with a clean brush to remove the dirt. Remember to brush in the same direction. Now, using the suede brush, remove the scuff marks (if any), moving it back and forth on the scuffed area with some pressure.
For tough marks, try using a pencil eraser or crepe rubber. Next, insert shoetree in your boots; this will help retain their shape and size while you work on them. To remove the water spots, use a small brush and wet the boot's surface.
Now, use a dry cloth to soak up excess water. Leave them for drying and then, brush using a suede-cleaning brush. For tough stains, first scrub the area with this brush and then, use warm water to clean it. Buy a suede protector and spray it over your boots soon after cleaning them.
Remember that regularly cleaning the boots is essential to maintain their look.
Make sure that you opt for the right color and style for your outfits to don a great look. Remember, choosing the wrong color can make you look weird. Check twice before you pair them with a certain outfit. So, just put on those right ones and walk in style.