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9 Seriously Stylish Ways You Can Wear Printed Jeans

Stylish Ways to Wear Printed Jeans
With the right fit, color, and style, a printed jeans is worth an investment. And to spruce up your style, Fashionhance brings you some terrific ways to wear printed jeans on a regular basis.
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Jul 14, 2017
When you're wearing jeans, there's a shift in your center of gravity.
- Ray Stevenson
So, what do you think will happen if you wear printed jeans instead? Perhaps you'll become the center of attention for a while. And that's what the impact of this amazing trend is. You make it a point to style it differently, and people are bound to notice. It involves a certain kind of attitude from your side to be able to pull off the look. But don't worry, we're not going to leave you stranded here. Once you're done reading this article, it will leave you wanting to look as ravishing and polished as possible.
9 Fantastic Ways to Style Printed Jeans
Whether it's summer or fall, you can't miss out on being a part of this trend. It's polished and feminine, but can easily be transitioned into a casual look. So, if you're someone who isn't afraid to take on a challenge, here are some wonderful and stylish ideas you can incorporate with ease.
Designs and Flower Printed Jeans
1. There are tons of floral printed jeans available in different patterns, designs, and colors. You can either choose from the bold and bright designs to soft and romantic ones. But what you pair these jeans with makes a huge difference. The softer, more subtle floral jeans are supposed to give a feminine appeal. You can either choose to work around that idea and wear a plain top, or go for an edgier approach with a biker-style jacket.

2. The love for flowers doesn't end here. If you're into the whole "bleached" floral pattern jeans, then this style is for you. A cool way to see whether this style works for you or not is to try creating the designs yourself. Use a laundry bleach pen, place your favorite flower stencils over the jeans, and fill in the gaps. This pattern is definitely a subtler approach to the printed jeans trend, but you can pair it with a bright-colored top to achieve that extra oomph factor.

3. While choosing a printed jeans that has continuous patterns rather than flowers, the main thing to look for is the fit. If the jeans doesn't conform to your body shape, the whole outfit will fall apart. This is because such patterns have the tendency to draw attention towards them, and it gets quite difficult to bluff your way around it. You don't necessarily have to have slim legs to pull off the look. Just remember, a perfect fit is all you need.
Animal Print and Floral Printed Jeans
4. The chevron print is so darn popular that it's tough not to give it a mention. You will find these zig-zag prints in bold colors and subtle hues. And the best way to own this style is to pair the jeans with a casual, yet sexy top. The drastically different look of this pattern is what makes this trend so great. Plus, you will find many variations in the color of the jeans and the chevron designs.

5. The zebra print jeans (and other animal prints) are making quite a sensation. You will find a wide range of colors, designs, and patterns in this style. So, if you're looking to let your inner animal loose, perhaps this is the style of printed jeans you should be wearing. But just remember, don't overshadow the jeans with more animal print accessories; it really kills the mood.

6. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Oh, how true Sir Shakespeare was. I believe that this logic works for jeans as well. Sound silly, but it does work. The refreshing and vibrant look that comes from this combination is simply divine. It's not just ooh la la sexy, but also has that sort of girly, shy vibe to it. Wear this outfit on a date or when you're out with your girlfriends, and you'll never hear the end of the compliments.
Leopard Print and Star Printed Jeans
7. There's no reason to be starstruck; it's true that everyone's wearing them. Get a little patriotic with a star-print jeans that'll look fabulous with just about anything from your closet. From Marion Cotillard to Jessica Alba to Khloé Kardashian, all the girls are fascinated with this playful print. It's a wonderful street fashion style, or perhaps something for the Fourth of July weekend?

8. Wow, we just cannot do away with leopard prints, can we? Well, in all fairness, it does have a level of "animal" magnetism. If you're not someone who likes to take too much of a risk, keep the overall outfit as soothing and eye-pleasing as possible. Keep the accessories to a minimum, and it's an ensemble ready to be flaunted.

9. Last, but definitely one of our favorites, black jeans with graphic rose prints. It has all the elements of "cool" written on it, plus, you get away with not being too much in the limelight (it's not a "must" for everyone, right?). You can either choose to wear a black-and-white-striped top on it, or go crazy with a vibrant-colored one. The choice is all yours, my love.
There are tons of printed jean brands that make different and eclectic prints. Although the prints are mostly found on skinny jeans, there are some brands that provide them in plus sizes. Printed jeans have become so popular that more and more women are nudging their blue jeans to the back of their wardrobes and making way for their new best friend.