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9 Stylish Ways to Wear Geometric Prints and Funk Up Your Look

9 Stylish Ways to Wear Geometric Prints
For once, we're going to be running toward math, not away from it. Welcome the geometry of fashion into your wardrobes. Stock up on diamonds, circles, hexagons, triangles, and much, much more!
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: Dec 19, 2017
Trend: Geometric Prints
Inspiration: Menswear
Best Worn With: Matching or contrasting accessories
Wearability: Almost anywhere
Have you noticed how the fashion world is getting bolder and bolder by the day? And we mean this quite literally, mind you. The colors are getting brighter, the prints are getting louder, the cuts are getting more pronounced, and the accessories are making a statement wherever they go. And one of the most unpredictable trends has caught on so fast that Wham! Bang! We're hit and we don't even know it! Enter geometric prints. Squares, circles, hexagons, triangles, whatever suits your fancy, it's gotta be on a piece of clothing. But where did this all begin? The answer is, not surprisingly, menswear. Yes, menswear-inspired clothing has taken the ramps and the streets by storm, and it seems like everyone is finding newer ways to integrate it into their wardrobes. Take the trend in question, for instance. Usually seen on pocket squares or handkerchiefs, today geometric prints are a major fashion statement on more expansive (for lack of a better word) clothing items. If you thought these prints were going to be limited only to wisps and pops, boy were you wrong. Here we tell you, rather show you, some stylish ways in which you too can incorporate this oft-rebuked-for-its-loudness print.

Men and women alike can take the geometrically inspired pattern and do it complete justice by using it on larger canvases. Here are some style inspirations that you can draw from to ace the trend perfectly. Let's begin with the women and then move on to men.
How Women Can Wear Geometric Prints
On Trousers
Portrait Of Beautiful Woman
While most will suggest that you should refrain from covering such a lengthy piece of clothing in a print as complex as geometries, we say it all depends on the kind of print you select. See how perfectly balanced the entire outfit is even when both, the top and bottom, are printed. It's the contrast in the density of the prints that does the trick.
On Leggings
Beautiful Young Woman Posing
And you thought the print was too unreal for leggings. Bah! We think if you have the body (read: skinny), why not don a pair of printed leggings? Top it with a solid-colored sweater, high heels, and our favorite: a sexy black hat and you're good to go.
On a Casual Skirt
Geometric print on long casual skirt
With long skirts being all the rage this time around, how about teaming two trends? Again, remember that the top will look best in a solid color. Let the skirt get the attention it deserves. A wide belt in a contrasting color, a pair of strappy wedges, and a neckpiece of your choice are all you need to complete the I'm-way-too-fun-for-plains look. Throw in a cross-body bag for good measure.
On a Formal Skirt
Business woman Standing
Yes, you read that right. You can bring geometry into your office wear wardrobe too. Make sure you wear a solid or small-printed shirt so that it doesn't look like you just returned from a shift at the circus. A jacket and the right jewelry will make you look like you mean business.
On a Top/Shirt
Geometric print on top
Since this is probably the most popular piece of clothing for this print, you won't need much inspiration to perfect the outfit. A solid-colored pair of pants and high heels: what you need in your arsenal for a casual yet come-hither look.
On a Dress
Young Blonde Woman
Here's the one you've been waiting for. We love this gorgeous dress with its bold and bright pattern. Don't you? Keeping the accessories to a minimum and using good makeup to bring the attention from the dress to the face is recommended. To jazz it up a bit more, you can wear a belt in a solid color over the dress and/or carry a colored clutch. Shoes? Boots, of course!
Some Tips
Here are some tips that most women will benefit from. We've suggested the kind of geometric prints you can wear according to how your body may be.
  • If you have slightly bigger hips, wear the print on top to keep the attention away from the hips.
  • Women with a heavier upper body will benefit from wearing the print in pants or a skirt.
  • Petite women can choose to wear vertical prints to give the illusion of height.
  • Tall women can wear heavy patterns to keep the focus on the clothes rather than their height.
  • Women heavier in the chest area can wear diagonal prints to ward off unnecessary attention.
How Men Can Wear Geometric Prints
Just a Pop
Geometric Tie
If you're just testing the waters, it would do you good to begin slow. Go for just a dash of the print in a piece that will grab a lot of attention. We suggest a tie in a bright hue for that in-your-face-but-not-really-so effect. You can work it with lapels, cuffs, or even bright socks.
Layered Over and Under
Layered geometric patterned outfit
For a perfect boy-next-door look, opt to layer a geometry-inspired pullover with a regular button-down below and a funky jacket over. Jeans, a pair of sneakers, and carefully tousled hair will help you work the look better.
Formal Wear
Formal geometric patterned outfit
Geometric prints can be worn even for formal occasions as is well illustrated by this image. Choose to go monochromatic. Keep it simple, subtle, and sexy with a button-down underneath a printed sweater and a pair of subtly printed trousers.
Man or woman, this print can be carried off by anyone, provided you have the requisite confidence and the appropriate judgment of what kind of pattern will best flatter you. Go crazy with geometric prints. You won't regret it.