12 Flirtatiously Stylish Ways to Wear a Fedora Hat

12 Stylish Ways to Wear a Fedora Hat
Hats have the power to make or break an outfit. A perfect fedora can instantly make you look stylish. With its versatility and comfort it makes an absolute must-have accessory. Know how to flaunt it, in this Buzzle write-up.
Quick Tip!

If you are petite, go for smaller hats; bigger ones will make you appear shorter. Avoid tight ones, as they will make your face look fat.

One of the best ways to instantly look stylish is to adorn a hat. Hats are versatile, comfortable, and convenient. They are not just a summer accessory, but with the numerous types available, there's one for every outfit, every season!

One of the most popular hat types is the fedora hat. Why won't it be; it's classy, chic, flirty, dressy, and formal as well. Basically, it's anything you want it to be. Its flexible brim makes it very appealing. You can bend it up or down and play with different looks. Keep it down for that mysterious look or up for a friendly and casual one, the choice is yours.

Choose from short-brimmed or wide-brimmed ones according to your comfort and clothes.

There are many stylish ways to flaunt it, and we give you some of them in this post. Try them, explore your own options, and fall in love with the fedora!

Dress Up In Style
dressy fedora hat
fedora hat classy look

Go for a classic feminine style - a pretty dress and a pretty hat. Fedora will instantly make your outfit look classier and dressier.

Cowboy Style
fedora hat casual look
fedora hat cowboy look

Wear your fedora with a plaid shirt or go for the cowboy look. Match your hat and boots to spruce the look. Dashing, eh?

Geek Chic
fedora hat formal look
fedora hat geek look

Fedora looks good with formal wear as well. Go for a geeky look or a smart casual look with a scarf. Cute and adorable, isn't it?

Casual Summer Look
fedora hat spring look
fedora hat funky look

Nothing says summer, more than a floral short dress, peep-toe sandals, and a stylish fedora hat. The look is totally refreshing and comfy. You can also pair your hat with a sexy crop top and shorts, for an effortless look.

Rock It Like A Rock Star
fedora hat rock star look
fedora hat smart look

Look how funky the fedora hat makes you look. It can instantly make you look dashing.

Smart and Sexy
fedora hat stylish look
fedora hat winter look

Whether you want to flaunt the sexy traveler look or keep yourself warm in the cold, a fedora will always come handy. Look how the beige hat beautifully balances the bright jacket of the guy. So, choose your colors wisely. If going for a monotonous outfit, match the hat with your shoes.