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Straight Leg Jeans for Curvy Women You'll Want to Flaunt Everyday

Rohini Mohan Jun 18, 2019
Leading denim brands, the world over have launched their collection of straight leg jeans for curvy women. Find out which brands are preferred by women and why...
It's a hard days work, if you're planning to go searching for a pair of curvy jeans! No kidding, until recently the scenario for women like us was amazingly bizarre. Sure we found our waist size but there would always come the catch-22.
While the waist fit alright, the jeans were either too tight from the thighs or too loose from hips. And the ones that did fit from the hips, were to too loose for the waist! To add to the misery, was the fact that the only patterns available, were jeans that made all the wrong aspects bulge out.
Anyway fortunately now we have jeans that are specially designed for curvy women, which hide what must be hidden and accentuate what must be flaunted. Here is a review of some of the best straight leg jeans for curvy women, that will make you look svelter than ever before. There are various options available in straight fit jeans.

Levi's Curvy Jeans

The new range of curvy jeans by Levi's Curve, will provide you with the perfect jeans. They provide styles that will satiate, everything you ever expected from your new pair of jeans.
They are extremely comfortable as well as stretchable, with 1% spandex that allows the jeans to flow along your curves. What makes them better is that they offer 3 sizes of varied inseam lengths of short-30'', average-34'', and long-34''+. They manufacture jeans for big thighs.
These irresistible jeans are available in all stores, so you will not have to search hard. The prices for these jeans range from $48.90 onwards. With Levi's you will also find skinny jeans for curvy women under the new entrants, that start from $59.50 onwards.

Skinny Jeans "NiteWash" Jeans

By far on one of the best jeans for curvy women, available in the market. The ones that fit like a dream are medium rise, which increases with size from (7.25"-8.5"). Their rates in stock, range to about $178.00.

Rozzie Rae "Bette" Jeans

Rozzie Rae fit section has a collection of 8 amazing curvy jeans exclusively designed for women with the apple-shaped bodies. This body type has slimmer, svelter legs which are given prominence through these designs, while complementing the curves of the hips and the frame of the waist.
The types available are
  • Joan Trouser Jean
  • Raquel
  • Isabella
  • Bette - Worn
  • Bette - Barely Worn
  • Bette - National
  • Bette - West
  • Bette - Vintage
It's always safer to go through a jean size conversion chart so as to know for sure which shapes and patterns would flatter your figure the most. This is because too many options may leave you a little hassled, if you're not sure what may or may not suit you well.

Not Your Daughter's Jeans - Women's Straight Leg Denim

Here is one brand that you could always count on, no matter what. They have always had the best jeans for women. When no one else cared they did, and they always managed to provide some respite from the bittersweet experience of hunting for a pair of jeans.
Their collection of straight leg jeans will keep you begging for more. It is everything you ever desired and more. These jeans can be worn for almost any occasion. These jeans are truly bootylicious as they help fix your size up to size 18, by lifting up the butts as well as firming and flattening out the stomach! What else can you ask for...

Ann Taylor's LOFT Jeans

Ann Taylor's jeans are straight out flattering for the hips and the thighs. These jeans for women range from $69.50 onward. They have many options to select from, so finding the right fit will not be a problem.
Now, shopping for jeans for women will be a joyride as there are an increasing number of designers, who are realizing that there is a huge market waiting for these patterns.
You may go in for designer or custom-made denims as well, if you do not mind splurging for a goof cause. Yourself! All that is left for you to do, is to go out and grab the best pair of jeans for yourself.