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How to Choose the Best Spring Jackets for Women

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Feb 1, 2019
Keep aside those bulky winter coats, and get ready to welcome spring in light spring jackets. Read all about spring jackets for women.
Everyone gets ready to welcome the spring, as the ruthless winter winds begin to back off. The heavy coats and jackets that were so useful in protecting you against harsh winter, suddenly begin to feel so out of fashion. These are quickly replaced by spring jackets, which help you to make a style statement while still keeping you warm.
Women especially, have a lot of styles in spring jackets to flaunt. So, in case you are planning to buy one, just read ahead.


Spring is all about celebrating light, happy colors. Thus, gloomy colors like black, murky brown, and gray, which were very much in vogue during winter disappear for good.
Bold colors like red, green, yellow, blue, and orange, which are favorite colors as summer jackets for women are also apt for coats in this season for women.
Pastel shades like beige, butterscotch yellow, baby pink, etc. also look great in spring. Thus, while choosing a color, always bear in mind that it should reflect the spirit of the season.


A jacket during this period is not a 'must have' apparel, unlike in winter. You are likely to carry a jacket along, and wear it only if it gets too chilly. During other times, you might only end up carrying it in your car or throwing over your shoulders. Hence, the spring jacket should be light in weight and not too long.
Knee-length coats or cropped jackets are convenient to carry and protect you against unexpected chill in air. Longer coats in heavier fabrics are best saved for winter. The basic styles include trench coat, A-line, and swing.
Trench coat looks classy and should be preferably teamed up with heels and slacks.
A-line looks great on well fitting trousers or skirts. Swing is a style, which makes you look bulkier on the top, due to its volume. Hence, make sure you wear well tailored pants or skirt or any other bottom.

How to Wear?

You need to give special attention to this point if you want to make a style statement with your light parka. Coordinating your clothes is not necessary, as you might only carry it with you and never get a chance to wear it. Spring jackets look great on sleeveless tops, V neck blouses or polo shirts. They can be worn over a dress or pants for a formal look.
Throwing a jacket over a silk blouse and a knee length skirt gives you a very elegant look. Team the coat with a pair of capris or denims for a casual look. For a sporty look, go for jackets with sweat pants. Wear spring jacket only when its cold, else it will leave you sweaty. It can be used in an air conditioned room, more so when wearing a sleeveless top.

How to Buy?

This outfit can be bought from any store that stocks spring clothes for women. Consider all the colors and styles while buying a jacket. Preferably, buy those with detachable hoods, which can come in handy during an unexpected drizzle in spring. Also, it is best to buy a weather-proof jacket, which can sustain the unpredictable weather.
If you cannot decide on the style or fabric while buying spring jackets, then a simple classic denim jacket can serve the purpose. Denim jackets are light, warm, and make quite a style statement.