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Smart Ways to Hide Your Tummy Bulge

A tummy bulge has always been a matter of concern with most women. While some remain calm about this and readily show off this bulge, others get paranoid and desperately are in need of ways to hide their little paunch. And if you're one of them look no further, just scroll down to find some simple ideas to hide your paunch.
Divya Bichu
Do you try a million clothes every morning just to make sure that your tummy bulge is not seen? And finally after a lot of effort you just give up and wear an over-sized jacket or sweater to hide your paunch! Well... I am not surprised, many girls tend to do that and you are no different. The point is why hide your tummy bulge, instead just workout to get rid of the protruding belly. This will not only make you accessible to all the clothes in your wardrobe, but also make you look and feel good about your body.
I get it before you start with your excuses, "No time! Hectic day" and blah blah... I don't buy any of that, you have to make time to keep yourself fit and looking good. Now, of course if you take my advice seriously, you will start working towards exercising and keeping yourself fit. Don't expect miracles to happen overnight, it will take time for the bulging middles to reduce and become flat. You can use the tricks and tips mentioned below to hide your tummy pop until then. But, only until you get that flat tummy and make sure you are working towards it sincerely without cheating. On that condition read on some smart ways to hide your tummy bulge.
Ways to Hide Your Tummy Bulge
Play With Dark Colors: The trick of wearing dark colors to hide flaws and accentuate your assets is an old one, however, it works. Black of course serves the purpose, in the best possible way and if you don't like black try dark shades of blue, brown, gray, purple or green.
Select the Right Fabric: It is very important that you go in for the right fabric, since some fabrics can actually ruin the attire and make you look awful. Keep away from fabrics like satin, polyester and so on, which are likely to cling to your body, showing off your problem areas. Rather go in for free-flowing fabrics like cotton, georgette, etc.
Wear a corset: Some have a hereditary tummy bulge, which is very difficult to get rid of. In that case try wearing a corset under your clothes. They no doubt help you hide that tummy bulge, but are a little uncomfortable. Moreover, it is not recommended you wear it on a regular basis, just don it when you really need it.
Shift the Attention: If your tummy is your only problem and not your thighs, then shift the attention! You can wear shorts and team them up with a loose fitted shirt. They look super chic and classy. If shorts are not what you want to resort to, then leggings teamed with a cute long tunic top, will enhance your look further.
Team it Up With a Jacket: Wearing a jacket, is the safest deal. The jacket need not be over sized or loose for that matter, since it will make you look huge. Opt for jackets with silhouettes and nips at the waistline. You can also try wearing banded jackets, having a band at the waistline, which works best in covering the tummy bulge.
Accessorize: Use different types of scarf drapes and make sure you make them long, to hide the bay window. Colorful scarves and the way you tie them around will definitely shift attention from the protruding belly. Incorporating scarves in your wardrobe will reflect your individuality and personal style.
You also ought to remember never to tuck in your shirts, it will only highlight your bulging tummy. Try wearing a low slung belt, and carry a big bag or a sling bag to hide the unwanted roll of fat. Smartly camouflage what you are trying to hide with the above tricks. However, make sure you are following your exercise regime to get rid of your paunch. Eat healthy, exercise daily and get back into perfect shape!