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Smart Casual Wear for Ladies

Attention Ladies! Here's Your Guide to Smart Casual Wear

One of the most versatile dress code is smart casual wear. This kind of dress code might seem very easy to put together, but you need to know how separate garments can be mixed and matched to give you a sharp yet relaxed look. Through this article, we will help you in putting together a smart casual look.
Rimlee Bhuyan
Last Updated: Mar 17, 2018
When we talk about smart casual dress code, it means that the dress code is relaxed and casual and yet it should look smart and sharp. This might seem a little confusing if you equate casual clothes with something that is comfortable but not stylish. Smart casuals are a step up from your normal casual clothes and the look that they portray is one that is polished yet effortless. The thing about smart casual wear is not so much about different types of garments that you wear, as much as it is about putting together a look.
When you are creating an outfit for a smart casual dress code, you need to keep in mind that it should be minimal and not over the top. Structured clothes that look sharply tailored but at the same time are not stuffy is what you should be looking for. Use current trends wisely while putting together a smart casual outfit. The aim of a smart casual wear is to give you a stylish and chic look that is not over the top and which looks effortless. Here we are going to discuss how you can put together a smart casual look.
How to Put Together a Smart Casual Wear
Blouses with Dress Pants
To put together a smart casual outfit, you need to know which apparel to combine with what. One of the best combination for a smart casual wear is that of dress pants with a blouse. Dress pants are available in a wide variety of designs and styles and this season, the tailored fit dress pants with minimal detailings are in. With sharp tailoring for the bottom, you need to combine it with a more unstructured blouse.
Choose a pussy bow blouse or a blouse with a flutter sleeve. Opt for blouses that fit you well, are not overly voluminous and which are not over embellished. Tan and camel colored dress pants work very well with jewel hued blouses. To complete the look, wear dressy wedge heels, a leather sling back bag and a statement jewelry piece like a metal hammered cuff. The key to pulling off a successful dress pant and blouse combo is to jazz it up with the right accessories. Since smart casual wear for ladies is all about showing off your personality, don't shy way from accessorizing your look with a few statement jewelry pieces.
Jeans with Shirts
You might be taken aback to see jeans in the category of smart casuals, but jeans are acceptable attire for a smart casual dress code. Here you need to choose the right jeans for this. Choose straight cut jeans with no tears, embroidery, patchwork and sequins. Also avoid jeans which are bleached or skinny. Opt for straight cut jeans that fits you perfectly and which is in a dark color like black, charcoal or indigo.
Pair smart jeans with ruffled shirts, three quarter shirts or nautical inspired shirts. Tee shirts are a big no no for smart casuals but a boat neck tee shirt with a striped pattern or a solid pattern and which has a relaxed fit is a great choice. As I have mentioned before, no outfit can be complete without the right accessories. In the case of jeans and shirt combo, add a solid colored or geometrical patterned scarf, platform heels and an oversized leather bag.
Skirt with Blouse
Skirt and blouses are a classic combination but unfortunately most women get it wrong. A-line skirts and pleated skirts should ideally be combined with button down shirts and knit tops. To counteract the volume at the bottom created by the A-line skirt or pleated skirt, you need to wear a blouse that is more tailored and streamlined. Avoid wearing tight pencil skirts as they are more suitable for formal than a smart casual look. You can also wear the new midi skirt with a color block top, provided you have the figure to carry off a midi skirt. Midi skirts in tan and chocolate color whose hemline hits just at your calf is ideal. Style it with a cropped jacket or a boyfriend jacket to complete the look.
Putting together a smart casual look is not at all difficult once you get the hang of it. Smart casual wear for ladies is much easier to put together than that for men. While dressing up in smart casual, it is important to balance both comfort and style.
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