Slim Jeans Vs. Skinny Jeans

Do you have trouble finding the best fit jeans for yourself? Are you confused about whether to buy a slim fit jeans or a pair of skinny jeans? Here's an article that will surely solve your problem!
Fashionhance Staff
The first thing that carries utmost importance is the shape of your body. Slim fit jeans and skinny jeans are meant for proper fitting, leaving just a little room to breathe! If you are a plus sized or a plum sized person, then forget about both of them! If you have a lean, thin or a sporty body, then both these types can be of interest to you. Slim jeans vs Skinny jeans has always been a topic of debate between girls and boys having a linear body. Whatever be your choice, it ultimately sums down to comfort. Obviously, you won't want to look like a highly nervous individual who is constantly conscious about his / her pair of jeans! You should easily be able to sit, stand, walk, jump or even crawl for that matter, in your jeans! After all, clothes are meant to make you feel good!
Things You Should Know About Slim Jeans
As the name suggests, a pair of slim jeans is meant for slim people! It is the best jeans for tall men and women. It will have little room for expansion, but will comfort you more than a skinny pair of jeans. A slim fit jeans will not have folds at the bottom. It will at least have a space of 2 inches free. That means, it won't fit you according to the size of your ankle. The fabric used to stitch a slim pair of jeans is less stretchable. I would recommend slim jeans for men, as it gives a masculine look. A slim fit jeans goes very well with a V-neck T-shirt and formal shirts. It doesn't really match with those typical round neck T-shirts. A slim fit jeans usually has 5 pockets, two in front, a coin pocket, and two at the back. Darker shades like deep blue, pure black, dusky brown, and denim blue look better in slim jeans. Women wanting to have a sporty look should definitely try it out! A slim pair of jeans fits well on the seat and the thighs. Most commonly, it will have a low waist cut. So you need to have a flat tummy in order to make it look good! If not, you got to hit the gym!
Things You Should Know About Skinny Jeans
I shall strongly recommend this type of pair of jeans only for those girls and guys who are not over skinny or lean. Women who are extra thin will look even thinner if they wear a skinny pair of jeans. This type of jeans has a couple of folds at the bottom, near the ankle. The fabric used to stitch a skinny pair of jeans is very stretchable, and tight enough to fit the body well, leaving almost no room for expansion. Usually, Lycra and cotton denim are blended together to make a stretchable material used for skinny jeans. Skinny jeans for men is a good idea only if a guy does not have very tall legs. If he does, then I am sure it is going to alter his look, as skinny jeans make the legs appear even longer. Also, girls and guys having plum-shaped calves should avoid wearing a skinny pair of jeans. Those who have strong and hard calves can surely think of buying this type. Plus size skinny jeans are readily available these days for plus size people. Skinny jeans look better in sober shades such as light blue, white, off white, gray or light brown. Black is an exception as it goes with any kind of fabric. A skinny pair of jeans usually has a high or a medium waist. It covers your tummy and lower abdomen pretty well, and hence can hide that extra fat that you may have! Another amazing fact that you should know is that a skinny pair of jeans need not be ironed every time! You can wear it immediately after it has been washed! You can try a skinny pair of jeans with round neck T-shirts or even half-sleeved formal shirts. For you girls, you can try wearing long T-shirts and sleeveless cotton tops with them.
Lastly, you should remember that there are many stores that will try to fool you with wrong labels. A pair of skinny jeans can be easily confused with a pair of slim jeans. Hence, do make it a point to try them out before you empty your pockets on them! Also, make sure you can carry the pair of jeans you have selected for yourself. Do not buy something that is just of your size. Always leave some room for expansion as you never know when some material might just shrink after a wash. I hope you are pretty clear about both the types of jeans now. So go ahead and select the best for yourself!