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Skinny Jeans for Petites

Skinny Jeans for Petites

The latest of many passing trends is that of skinny pants, more specifically, skinny jeans. But does this particular style work for everybody, especially women who are petite? Let's take a look.
Komal Bakhru
Talk about 'thin is in'! Even jeans these days seem to be going with the look. Confused? Don't be. It's skinny jeans that we're talking about. We all know that fashion wise, skinny jeans are the rage today. Within reason too. They make the legs look so slender, and oh so fine! But wait... Does this look work for everybody? Unfortunately, the answer here would be a negative. Now, undoubtedly, everyone is entitled to wearing whatever it is that they please, but the question here is, how good does it look on every body type? For instance, a short and stumpy built should definitely say no to this particular style, because it definitely isn't a flattering style in the least bit. Tall girls on the other hand, can totally go ahead with this style. So, what about all those petite girls? Are skinny jeans meant for them?

Skinny Jeans for Petite Women

When it comes to skinny pants for petites, you gotta admit, some brands are more considerate than others. Here's why we call them considerate... They take every body type into account when designing a collection. They understand that one style does not work for all, and that every girl has her own requirements, and that is exactly what they choose to cater to. So let's now move on to some of the best skinny jeans.

There are so many brands that one could begin with, but Levi's inevitably emerges a winner when it comes to denim brands. Now, even though the collection may not be extensive, it is a good one nonetheless. The Levi's Misses Petite jeans are available in low rise, as well as mid rise, so that sounds just about perfect, no matter what your preference. What adds towards making it better is the fact that the jeans are not very expensive either, so owning a pair is hardly so much of a problem.

Next in line for a great pair of skinny jeans are those good old GAP jeans. The Always Skinny jeans make for a great pick if you are looking for something that does both, fit well, as well as look good, all at the same time. A pair that is great for petite women, this pair gives the curvy girls some advantage too, because it really flatters the curves. Also, given that it has a really nice fitted silhouette, skinny jeans from GAP give those petite girls an elongated look, which is very flattering visually.

Banana Republic
If there's one thing that Banana Republic is a staunch believer of, it is the idea that finding well fitting skinny jeans is a task. It is from that belief that the need to provide women with the perfect pair, arises. An added advantage when opting for this brand, is the price. While there are less expensive than this, these jeans don't exactly qualify as ridiculously expensive either. Apart from all that's been said, these jeans from Banana Republic have an interesting range of colors and washes to choose from, just as well.

Calvin Klein
When talking about skinny jeans, here's the deal with CK, even the skinny is not excessively skinny. Now while that may seem like a drawback to some, others may be really pleased with the way these jeans fit. Since finding the right fit is an almost grueling task for many, these jeans from Calvin Klein are like a blessing in disguise for innumerable people. To add to all that's been said, the fact that these jeans have a hint of stretch in them, only makes the fit better than expected!

True Religion
Definitely on the pricey side, True Religion jeans are for those girls who don't mind some indulgence in a fabulous pair of denims. With a large number of their jeans selling for over $150-$200, this one definitely isn't for the fainthearted. The True Religion Petite Stella Skinny, or even the basic skinny jeans from this brand in general are all a good way to go when on the search for a pair that fits like a dream. To add to it, the choice of colors is a brilliant one too, when considering a pair of True Religion jeans.

Apart from those given above, you could also check out the following brands:
  • DKNY
  • Eileen Fisher
  • Citizens of Humanity
  • J Brand
  • 7 for all Mankind
  • Paige Premium Denim
  • Not Your Daughter's Jeans
So, the next time you wonderful ladies are on the lookout for that perfect pair that works for a petite structure, make sure you check out the given brands, and who knows, you may find exactly what you were looking for.