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Tips to Buy Skinny Jeans for Kids

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Nov 25, 2018
Skinny jeans have become a very popular fashion even for kids. Read more to about how and where to buy them.
Skinny jeans are very popular now. This style in denims has become a rage among people of all ages. While buying jeans, you must take the age of the kid into account so that the jeans do not look too bold for your child. Skinny jeans are available for young girls as well as boys.
While adults swear by the slim fit offered by these jeans, kids make an equally remarkable fashion in these jeans.

How to Buy Them

Comfort is the first and foremost factor to be considered while buying kids' jeans. Thus, the pair of skinny jeans should not be too tight. The denim should offer a good amount of stretch, so that it is easy to put the pants on.
The jeans should be easy to zip up and loose enough to offer a room for a finger. Jeans should be mid-waist or high-rise. Low-waist jeans should be avoided for kids.


These jeans come in an array of colors. For adults, dark wash jeans are most popular. The same trend is followed in kids' fashion. Dark colors suit skinny jeans as they create an illusion of a slimmer body. Navy, dark gray, charcoal black are some popular colors.
However, kids look equally great in bold colors like pink, orange, yellow, green etc. Light shaded jeans- beige, light blue, white suit kids.

How to Wear Them

Usually, kids can pull off any kind of clothing without much effort. However, it is important that you always dress them in clothes that reflect their personality.
 Modest clothes that look right for their age bring out the best in your child. Boys can don shirts or full-sleeved T-shirts with jeans.
However, when it comes to girls' clothing you have ample choices. These jeans can be teamed with a plain, contrasting, full-sleeved shirt. You may also dress her in voluminous tops to balance the slimmer look at the bottom. Full-length, flowing tops with floral prints look gorgeous on girls. Layers and frills go very well with these jeans.

Where to Buy Them

Kids' skinny jeans are manufactured by most renowned brands. Hence, you can visit their stores if you have preferences for a particular brand. Otherwise, you can buy them from malls where you can try on various brands. Alternatively, you may look for them on the Internet where you can get them cheaper.
Online shopping websites list these jeans in almost every size and color. Some popular brands also have their own online discount stores, where you can buy branded jeans for lower rates. Discount sales are another good place to get inexpensive jeans, but then you may not always find the right color or fit.
Thus, skinny jeans are a great way of making a cool fashion statement. However, always prioritize comfort before style when it comes to kids' fashion. Your children can look their best only when they are comfortable in whatever they're wearing.