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Short Cocktail Dresses

Short, mid thigh cocktail dresses are the most in vogue now. This article lists some of the most popular styles.
Fashionhance Staff
A cocktail dress is a must-have in any fashionista's wardrobe. Vibrantly-colored dresses with sophisticated embellishments are very popular now. A look at the runway collection of any major fashion designer and fashion house will show that the hemlines of these dresses are getting higher. This gives you the perfect opportunity to show off your long legs and your gorgeous summer tan. There are many designs and patterns of cocktail dresses, but you need to make sure that you choose the one that flatters your body structure and skin tone. Short dresses are getting more vibrant and colorful, with the use of the color blocking technique and lots of pleating and ruffles.
To look sexy and sophisticated you need to choose a dress that is classy and chic. Since a short dress allows you to show off your legs, avoid wearing a dress that shows too much cleavage. The outfit should always look balanced. So, a short dress should ideally have a modest neckline.
Draped Mini
Short cocktail dress
One of the best designs is the draped mini dress in jewel tones like aubergine, amethyst, emerald green, and ruby red. Look for mini dresses with draping at the shoulders and bust area. Slight embellishments in the form of hand sewn beads, crystals, or even sequins are quite trendy. Draped dresses are excellent for camouflaging problem areas like a small bust, wide hips, or jiggly thighs. A draped dress where the pleats are just over your bust area can make your hips look smaller. These types of elegant dresses look best with sky high pumps and a metallic clutch.
Woman wearing origami dress
When you want to make a statement, choose a short dress with origami details. These types of dresses are structured and take inspiration from architecture. Pleats and folds around the bust, shoulders, and skirt make origami dresses very alluring. One of the best designs in origami dresses is a bubble dress with petal-like pleats and folds on the skirt. Colors that are in fashion for such dresses are white, turquoise, aubergine, and dusty pink. An origami dress makes a bold statement, so keep your accessories minimum.
Grecian Tiered
Young Women
A tiered Grecian dress is mid thigh-length with free-flowing ruffles. These dresses are usually made in chiffon and organza, and you can choose from a light color palette in ivory, mint green, and slate gray to a more vibrant color palette of electric blue, emerald green, and fuchsia. Choose from a single-shoulder or strapless Grecian tiered dress for a unique look. Due to the use of ruffles and pleats, this dress is one of the best petite cocktail dresses.
Feathered Mini
Woman wearing short feathered dress
This short dress is for a true romantic. It has feathers at the skirt and hemline, and is perfect for attending an elegant soirée. You can choose colors like metallic gray, charcoal black, wine, and beige. Avoid pastel colors like lavender, baby pink and soft blues in this type of dress as they are too prom-like. Pair feathered mini dresses with metallic peep toed heels and a bejeweled statement necklace.
Color Block Mini
Woman wearing short color block dress
A very popular trend is the color block mini dress. In this type of dress, blocks of fabric in contrasting or complementary colors are sewn together. Colors like watermelon red and tangerine, sea green and turquoise, and sunny yellow and jet black are very trendy to have together. Since the colors make such an impact, the accessories should be simple and neutral-hued. Color blocking can work to your advantage by helping you to camouflage a big tummy or wide hips. You just need to choose a color block dress that has darker colors on the lower portion of the body.
Summer cocktail dresses with short hemlines are quite fashionable, and you should pair them with matching shoes and jewelry. A well-tailored dress with a good silhouette will help you look your best at a cocktail party.