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Latest Shoe Fashion Trends for 2019

Saptakee Sengupta Feb 9, 2019
What better example can prove the ever-changing nature of fashion than shoes? Few weeks ago you bought those shoes with so much enthusiasm and today that same pair is not in your closet. Why? It's because the pair that sold like a hot cake last year is out of fashion this year. Have a look at the latest trends of shoes for 2019.
The kind of shoes that you wear speak a lot about your personality. Shoes have a great impact on the way you dress up. Psychologists even say that you can judge a stranger's personality by simply looking at their shoes. The shoes that you wear should compliment the dress you are wearing. Shoes will certainly create an impression about you, wherever you go.
Moreover, the shoes that you are wearing will look good on you only when you feel comfortable in them. So one should always choose a pair that suits them the best. Buying a pattern only because it is in fashion, although you are not comfortable in them isn't advisable.
Also, there is no point buying a pair which doesn't look great with the kind of dresses that you wear. Trends come and go, but you should always choose what you believe is perfect for you. Renowned fashion houses are updating their collection and so you must also revamp your shoe closet with the latest designs. Let's see the shoe fashion catalog of 2019.

Platform Heels

Platform heels have established a legacy in the world of footwear. It is going to be no different for the coming year 2019. The extra padding underneath the front portion of the shoe is the platform.
It allows your foot to balance better on high heels. You can check out color blocked, glittery, and printed designs. Shiny shoes with a metallic luster are in vogue, and you can wear them at parties, weddings, and numerous other occasions.

Flat Heels

Shoes with flat heels have never been out of fashion and they will never be. This is because of the highest level of comfort that they provide.
Flat heels combined with thin and shiny leather straps of classy colors like black and brown will be the trend for 2019. Such footwear looks great with formal dressing and will also compliment light colored denims.


Pointed bright-colored architectural heels are starkly in fashion this year. You can sport high heels with any type of outfit only if you have the ability to carry them off diligently without the slightest chance of tripping.
Stilettos in neutral, pastel, and muted shades also look elegant with formal outfits. If you are an obsessive shoe lover, then you must own a pair of these. Animal prints like leopard and cheetah are also trending this year in heels.


No one will deny the fact that boots have a class of their own. Over the years they have established an extremely smashing and fabulous trend. In 2019, you will find a twist in their look. Caged and cut ankle, combat boots are getting very popular.

Shiny Shoes

White, silver, black, and blue colored shiny shoes are a boon to the shoe world for the year 2019. Shiny shoes with stylish metallic buttons make for great party wear, and will be trending the most in the coming year.

Breathable Shoes

Breathable shoes for women will come in a wide variety of patterns. This year's production of breathable shoes is more inclined towards the darker shades of colors and only a few lighter ones like gray and sky blue with bright interiors.

Laced Up

The laced up category of women's shoes has an exciting variety to offer in the coming year. Shoes with fancy ribbon like laces are ready to rock.
Shoes with regular laces are to be tied above the ankle are also trending. The pattern that will be trending at the beginning of the year, is of a light colored shoe with a dark shade of laces of the same color.


Many reputed brands are all set to launch their exciting range of sneakers in the coming year. The patterns are mostly light colored.
Designs with stripes on it are in huge demand and the manufacturers are doing their best to fulfill this demand. Wearing sneakers without socks is the new style statement.


Gladiators come in two sub-patterns, a latticed pattern and the distinct type of gladiator that you can team up with a pair of skinny jeans or a short/mid-length skirt.
You can go for block heeled gladiators if you aren't comfortable with high-rise heels. They come in the form of sandals and shoes, and both are fashionable in a unique way. Gladiators indeed look smart and sophisticated when you match them with the right dress.

Swirls and Straps

A mesh pattern will be popular instead of putting the straps in the regular zig-zag order. Metallic and fabric straps are 'in' and regular strap sandals are embellished with laces.
You can purchase sequined silver and golden strap sandals to wear with your evening dress and carry a matching clutch to look elegant. Well, there are some more patterns other than metallic straps. They are fabric crisscross straps coming in a diverse range of colors and patterns.


Loafers make great casual shoes for busy women. This is a rugged pair which you can wear on vacations or on busy days wherein you have to finish several tasks in your to do list, and then strike them off one by one, as you move ahead.
Loafers made from denims are ready to create a revolution. Loafer's with beautiful prints of flowers are also ready to rock and roll.
Now that you have updated yourself with the latest fashion in shoes, you must be definitely anxious to buy one. So go on and buy those fabulous shoes you've been waiting for. A piece of advice: always keep an extra pair of comfy shoes with you since high heels tend to hurt your feet when worn for a long time.