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Design Your Own Sequin Shoes

Sujata Iyer Apr 19, 2019
Sequin shoes are that quirky addition to your shoe collection that you'll never regret. Read on to know how you can use these shoes with different outfits.
Every woman you meet will tell you one thing that you've probably heard from all the women you've already met before. That we just can't have enough shoes! And while men may just nod and sigh, what they do not understand is that the statement is in fact true.
Every outfit that we wear will look good with a pair of shoes that we see in a store after we have worn a pair that we already own. So, needless to say, we absolutely must have the one in the store so that we have the perfect outfit, from head to toe.
And among shoes, there is one specific type that is so phenomenally brilliant, that it can lift your spirits up when you wear them. They're sequin shoes. Here, we'll give you the lowdown on everything about these shoes: what to wear them with and how to make them yourself. So hang on for a truly glittering ride!

How to Make Sequin Shoes

Sequin shoes, as the name very obviously suggests, are women's shoes that have been decorated or sometimes even fully covered with sequins. These sequins could be stuck on or even sewed onto the shoe's base fabric or material.
Let us see how to make sequin shoes at home. All you need is a shoe that you're willing to transform, a whole lot of sequin lace in color/s that you want, super glue, and some paper and color pencils.
The first step is draw out a replica of your shoe on the paper. Now, using the color pencils, make the design on the paper shoe with the colors of the sequins that you have. Be creative and use your imagination. Just make sure that you'll be able to actually replicate it on the actual shoe.
Once the design is ready, trace out the design on the real shoe. If you need to cover the shoe with a different color base fabric, do it with a heavy duty stapler, and push the pins in completely or just stick the fabric on neatly. Then trace out the design on the shoe.
After that, you can begin with the sticking or the sewing on of the sequins. For intricate designs which need single sequins, you can sew them on to the shoes. This will ensure that they are fastened tightly. If you're sticking them on, then give them a day or two to dry completely. Then you can flaunt your gorgeous shiny shoes to the world!

What to Wear with Sequin Shoes

Sequin shoes can be worn with a variety of outfits. They are one of the best options to wear with skinny jeans. Wear dark-colored skinny jeans with a dressy top and a pair of silver sequin ballerinas to go clubbing!
If you're going dancing with your girlfriends, then a pair of pretty red sequin shoes with a white dress that is short and flared will have heads turning.
Wear high-heeled sequined pumps or sandals with a plain dark mini-skirt and a shiny top of the same color as your shoes for a smoldering and sexy look!
Sequin shoes are without a doubt, high up on the list of must-have shoes for every woman. So get your pair today or design them yourself, and have sexy, sparkling shoes.