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Things to Know Before Buying Semi-formal Dresses

Mukta Gaikwad Nov 3, 2018
Bored of the same pinstripes and shirts? Read on for some amazing semi-formal dresses and find out how to make your drag formals, a little more exciting.
Bored of wearing uptight formal dresses? And why won't you be, when that's the only thing you have to wear! When formal clothing gets mandatory, there is little that you can experiment with.
The style cannot be changed, as it would entirely defeat the purpose of wearing formal dresses. The only thing that can be changed is the range of colors. To break away from this monotony, semi-formal dresses are excellent for Sunday champagne luncheons and arty dinners.

Semi-formal Attire for Women

Cocktail Dresses

Whoever said cocktail dresses could only be worn at cocktail parties, needs to think twice. These knee length dresses instantly give the much-needed classy and an elegant look.
For an evening event, a sequined cocktail dress would just do the trick. It would add the much need glitter to glamorous evening. Team them up with a sexy pair of heels and you are all set to make an indelible fashion statement.

Skirts and Shirts

Yes, this is a formal clothing apparel, but with a little imaginative variation, you can turn them into something more suitable. A frilly skirt in pastel shades worn with a satin blouse or a formal skirt worn with a semi-formal shirt, is suited for an office party.
A high-waisted skirt with pinstripes, worn with a white linen shirt will turn you into sizzling social kissing butterfly! Avoid such skirts if you have a broad waistline. For those with voluptuous waistlines, skirts with ruffles would suit better.

Linen Pants

Linen pants are exceptionally affordable clothing items, which look fabulous when worn with formal shirts. Available in wide range of colors such as beige, black and olive, to name a few, linen pants are extremely comfortable too. You can wear these with short tunics for a not so formal look or a casual day out.

Blazers and Suits

A total suit is absolutely formal, but a part of a suit, would tantamount to semi-formal. A waist coat worn on a shirt on a pair of denims teamed with stilettos would make the right TGIF (thank God It's Friday) outfit.
Get rid of the waist coat and you are ready to hit the party scene in the city by night! A blazer jacket worn with a skirt or with a pair of denims to keep you warm, would serve the purpose, and suit the need of the hour as well.Pictures here perfectly describe semi-formal dresses
Many women have ties in their wardrobe and those of you who don't own any, borrow it from your men. Ties are fun accessories. Wear them with shirts and keep the top button open. Match the tie with a perfect pair of sassy shoes et voila! Plus size women worried about flaunting their curves, can try tunics and frocks to their bodies a good shape.