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Trends in Semi-formal Attire for Men and Women

Deepa Kartha Nov 22, 2018
Here, you will find complete information on semi formal attire for guests for events like weddings and parties.
In the world of fashion, semi formals, as the name suggests, is something that comes between formal and informal. While such clothes are not as traditional or rigid as the formal ones, they are not as casual as the informal ones too. This makes the definition a little vague and confusing.
Hence, it is important to know as to what they are, because this kind of attire is quite popular for several important occasions and events. Let us take a look at the clothes that come under the semi formal attire.

Semi Formal Clothing

The clothes that come under this category are similar to the formal ones. However, this attire has certain characteristics of their own and the subtle difference between formal and semi formal is said to be the flexible nature of the latter.
In recent times, semi formals have become quite a popular dress code for many occasions including a meeting with neighbors or colleagues, interviews, baby shower parties, kids birthday party, etc. Moreover, this is becoming a popular dress code for guests at wedding ceremonies too.
Hence, to ensure that people do not feel left out from the rest of the group because of lack of information, it is crucial that everyone knows about this dressing style in detail.

Trends for Men

The clothing for men includes a suit. Now, the way men can dress up will depend on the time that the event is held, i.e., whether it is in the day or at night.
For a day event, a suit which includes a nicely ironed shirt, pants, and a jacket is expected from a person. The use of a vest is not very mandatory for this kind of clothing.
To complete the attire, the clothes should be matched with a leather belt and oxford-like shoes.Though this type rules out the tie, this again is not a compulsion, and there are many men who prefer to wear the tie for a semi formal event.
For a night event, the best attire would be a tuxedo even if the invitation says it to be a semi formal event.
The color of the evening event should be black, however for the day event, it will be best to wear light colors, like blue, yellow, and even pink. The fabric used should include cashmere, wool, gabardine, and polyester
Also, clothing that have vertical stripes or some other subtle patters are accepted. Teaming the attire with a silk scarf and cuff links will also be a good idea and will be a perfect attire for a wedding.

Trends for Women

For women, this kind of clothing has a variety of options as compared to men. They have an option to choose between a dress and a pant suit.The most important thing that has to be kept in mind is that the outfit should be dressy, with a touch of formality.
Here, the fabric that is used for the clothing plays a crucial role. For instance, women's clothes should be made of materials, like cashmere, silk, polyester, velvet, velour, rayon, etc. Also, if you are opting for a dress suit, the length of the dress should be kept in mind.
The hem line of the dress or skirt should not be more than an inch above the knee. It is also fine to a wear a cocktail dress, but the rule about the length should be maintained.
Apart from these dresses and pant suits, women also have another option, i.e., they can wear a tuxedo pant matched with a dressy or fancy top.
Apart from the clothes, when it comes to women, the accessories also play an important part. If you are wearing a pant suit, you can match them with small earrings or gold tops.
On the other hand, if you are wearing a dress, big earrings will also look good. It is always best to keep the jewelry to the minimal.You can wear a thin gold or silver chain with a tiny pendant as well as a bracelets and finger rings.
Other than this, scarves, stoles, and wraps will also give you a chic look.
For footwear, the best will be dress heals, which matches with the color of the attire. It is also fine to wear a flat or strappy sandal. However, flip flops are an absolute no no and should be completely avoided in any circumstances.
Hope this information has helped you in understanding the meaning of semi formal dressing style. However, there are certain etiquette to be followed for such events, try to come up with your own style of dressing, which caters to the rules, but still looks unique.