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Scottish People: A Quick Glance at Their Clothing and Jewelry

Scottish People: Clothing and Jewelry
Scotland, a part of Great Britain, has a very interesting culture. This article provides information about Scottish clothing and jewelry.
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Last Updated: Jul 14, 2017
The region of Scotland has always been considered to be a part of Great Britain; however, it has a different culture. The people follow some norms regarding their culture very rigorously. For example, Scotland has a separate national church that is different from that of England. The people believe in Saint Andrew, and St. Andrew's Day is celebrated on 30th November every year in remembrance.
Another great historic feature of their culture is the iconic Great Highland Bagpipe. The Highland Bagpiper has become a mascot of Scotland. The bagpiper always appears in a kilt made with tartan. The people of Scotland are proud guardians of their culture.
The tartan style of cloth is prominently seen in Scottish clothing. The tartan is woven into a crisscross style with different horizontal and vertical colored threads. Tartan is also known as plaid in some regions, especially in the northern side of the American continent.
The threads that are used to make tartan are dyed first and then woven in a cloth of different patterns. The cloth is usually woven using a simple twill. During the Middle Ages, the tartan also symbolized the village, town, or region to which a particular person belonged. This was because the weavers at that time wove the cloth according to the demands of the public. After a time, the patterns also came to be identified with specific clans, kingdoms, or feudal lords. Tartan is also used to make the famous kilt.
The kilt is the national dress of Scotland. The kilt has been in fashion since the 16th century. It was adapted from ancient cultures such as the Gauls and the Scandinavians. Some of the settlements surrounding the country such as the Welsh, Irish, and Cornish people have also adopted the kilt. In the Scottish language, the word 'kilt' means to 'tuck up'.
Many modern changes have been induced in the kilt; however, the basic idea and design remain the same.
The people of Scotland began to set up jewelry-making workshops in the 16th century. The first, permanent jewelry workshop and store started on Royal Mile Road in Edinburgh.
The most famous and the best-crafted piece of jewelry from the country is the Luckenbooth brooch. It is a token of love that is given by the bride to the groom on the day of the marriage. The brooch serves as a protection or a shield against evil. It is pinned to the shawl of the first-born. The brooch is supposed to protect the mother and the children from the evil eye in the husband's absence.
Another type of jewelry that is sometimes used by the Scottish people is the Claddagh ring. This kind of ring actually belongs to the Irish culture. However, due to its beauty, it has been adopted by all the cultures of the British Isles. The Claddagh ring shows two hands enclosing a heart.
The country's traditional clothes and jewelry have indeed passed the test of time with the pride and patriotism of the people.
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