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Scarf Tying

Fascinating Ideas to Tie Your Usual Scarf and Look Anew Every Day

Scarf tying can be an art. If you want to master it, or get somewhere close, read this article. You'll get some handy tips.
Fashionhance Staff
Last Updated: Mar 6, 2018
Scarves have been one of the most favorite fashion accessories for women since ages. Women wore them in the Victorian age, and they wear them even today. Age doesn't really matter when it comes to sporting scarves. Teenagers can sport them as stylishly as working women. And what's more, even men have begun to appreciate the style and warmth that scarves have to offer. So, don't be surprised if you see men walking the ramp or the streets with a scarf tied stylishly around their necks. It's one of those fairly common phenomena that will remain evergreen. In this Fashionhance article, you'll get some tips and ideas that will help you enhance the appearance and functionality of this hair and neck accessory.
Scarf Tying Ideas
One of the most fashionable accessories to be paired up with women's clothing is the scarf. There are so many different ways to tie a scarf. You can devise your own unique way of doing it too. You never know, it may just become one of the fads that your contemporaries begin to imitate, making you a trend-setter in the process. Given below are some ways to tie a scarf along with instructions for them.
Simple and Warm
One of the most important tips for scarf tying is that however you tie it, it should serve some purpose. And it should look sensible too. For instance, in winter, wearing a gorgeous but really flimsy scarf simply doesn't make sense. Especially when you have so many warm and woolen ones to choose from. So pick a nice warm one that suits your skin tone and the outfit that you're wearing. Place it around your neck, with both the ends hanging down. Keep one side longer than the other. Then, take the longer side, flip it across the opposite shoulder and bring it back down. Your neck is protected from the cold and you look chic as well.
Elegant and Comfortable
Silk scarves have got to be the most popular ones around the world. And the best part is there are many ways to wear a silk scarf. If it's a bright colored one, clashing with a muted toned outfit, then you can simply place it on your shoulders, tie a big elegant knot in the front center and let the ends hang loose. Or you can tie two tight knots, so that the remaining ends are not very long, and have them hanging down one side. You can also tie a butterfly knot, by passing the longer end of your scarf through a loop made by crossing the two ends at your neck.
Protected and Stylish
Tying a scarf around your head is one of the easiest and widely used methods. Thanks to glimpses of celebrities sporting them to 'avoid' the paparazzi and the constantly dipping winter temperatures, tying a scarf around the head is back in fashion. All you need is a good sense of what way to tie it and which fabric and color will look the best. Since it is more or less a winter practice, wearing a woolen scarf round the head makes no sense. You'll end up with so much static that your hair will refuse to go down! So if protecting your head and ears from the cold is your intention, then you need to settle for a fabric that won't make your hair stand, and won't slip away with the wind either. Cotton and Pashmina are your best bets for this. Place the scarf on your head, folded into a triangle, with both ends hanging down loose. Tie two pretty knots with both the ends and let the remaining fabric just hang loose. A very basic, yet effective way of tying a scarf. Pair it with a pair of stylish eyeglasses and you're good to go!
Alternatively, you can opt for another stylish method. For this, place the center of your scarf at your neck, and let the ends fall loose on your back. Cross them behind your back, and bring them to the front, over your shoulders and around your neck. Tie a small knot with both the ends. Then, place this knot under the part of the scarf that is covering your neck. Make the necessary adjustments to the length and position it appropriately as per your wish.
There are many many more ways to tie a scarf that look classy and posh. They add a touch of glamorous femininity to women and make men look very very sexy. So, try out the ones mentioned above and give us more suggestions of your own too. You can never have too many scarf tying techniques, right?