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An Overview of San Antonio Shoes (SAS)

An Overview of San Antonio Shoes (SAS). You'll Want Them Now!

Comfort and more comfort, that is what defines shoes from the stable of San Antonio. These handcrafted orthopedic shoes that make you want to wear the shoes all day long are a blessing to tired feet.
Tulika Nair
Last Updated: Sep 25, 2017
Do you have a job, like looking after kids in kindergarten or managing a zoo that keeps you on your feet the entire day? Well if you do, then there is no way you can walk around in those stilettos that were featured in the latest edition of Vogue. What you need are a pair of shoes that are comfortable and allow you to walk around without limping in pain. These are where shoes from SAS come in. San Antonio shoes are handmade, comfortable shoes that are manufactured by an eponymous firm based in San Antonio, Texas.
San Antonio Shoes: An Overview
San Antonio shoes was established by Terry Armstrong and Lew Hayden in 1976, after they quit their jobs in the shoe industry fed up of the inferior quality of shoe making prevalent in the United States to keep up with competition from other countries. These foreign competitors had also led to many indigenous shoemakers shutting shop. Armstrong and Hayden quit their jobs to establish San Antonio shoes, where they handcrafted every pair of shoes, making them with the best materials, never compromising on quality and attention to detail. The aim of these two friends was to make shoes so comfortable that the people wearing them never wanted to take them off. And they succeeded! Word of mouth resulted in huge publicity and these shoes became popular as the really, really, really, comfortable shoes. The shoes and the company became popular without any form of nationally launched advertising or planned marketing strategies.
The San Antonio shoes factory is located in San Antonio and in 1978, the owners added a retail store to the factory to allow people visiting the area to purchase the shoes and also take a look at the fine craftsmanship of the shoes over the years. In 1998, tragedy struck San Antonia shoes when the factory burned down but from the ashes rose another factory and a bigger and better store, known popularly as the SAS General store that had on display different shoe styles from the company and also a range of their hand crafted bags. In fact, today the store and the factory have become pit stops for almost all tourists who can take a look at how the shoemakers skillfully craft San Antonio shoes.
While the SA shoes catalog admissibly has a large range of women's shoes there is also quite a variety of shoes for men. The shoe styles are such that they are generally conservative in design and available in colors such as brown, camel, black, white, and blue (navy). There are some styles of women footwear that are available in red as well. Since the USP of SA shoes is comfort, they sell shoes in styles such as loafers, clogs, sandals, and walking shoes. There are shoe styles of select variety that are available in patent and crinkle patent finishes. If you have an issue finding shoes of your size, then SA shoes which are handcrafted maybe a good option for you. They have various shoe widths that you can choose from, like slim, narrow and medium. SA shoes prices generally range between USD 90 and USD 200, but these can vary depending on the style and make that you are opting for.
San Antonio shoes are not sold online, but you can order the shoes by mail or on the telephone. San Antonio shoes has a strict retail outlet policy and their website has a list of their shoe store locations, that you can access in order to find a store near your place of residence. Their website also features the different styles of shoes that they have on offer so that you can view the collection. San Antonio shoes have outlets located in Florida, Colorado, Texas, and many other such places. You can choose to visit any of these San Antonio outlets to find a pair of shoes that you find comfortable. The reason for the retail outlet policy is that it is important that the shoes fit the customer correctly and this personalized service is what many patrons appreciate about this shoe company. They assure personalized service and cater to your needs knowledgeably.
SA shoes are perfect everyday wear and will not give up due to constant wear and tear. They are custom-made orthopedic shoes that can be worn by people who have feet problem or are up on their feet the entire day. SA shoes may not be the most fashionable shoes in the market, but they are definitely one of the most comfortable.